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Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual video game trade show event. The largest of its kind, E3 is attended by thousands and is the platform for hundreds of entertainment product unveilings every year.

This Year's Show:

E3 Expo 2003 promises to be one of the most exciting shows yet for Nintendo fans. Nintendo will for the first time ever unveil LAN support for Nintendo GameCube via Mario Kart: Double Dash. Highly anticipated franchise titles to be shown also include F-ZERO GX, Mario Golf, Mario Party 5, Star Fox Armada, and Wario World. While first-party titles promise to dominate Nintendo's booth, a considerable focus will be placed upon third-party GameCube offerings. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Product Number 03, Soul Calibur II, and Viewtiful Joe are among the 35 third-party games Nintendo will display in its booth.

los angeles convention center

E3 Expo 2002:

At E3 Expo 2002, Nintendo focused on its 'Game Giants,' including Metroid Prime, Star Fox Adventures, Super Mario Sunshine, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The show also saw the unveiling of the Wave Bird Wireless Controller as well as 1080 Avalanche, Animal Crossing, and Mario Party 4, among other Nintendo games. Nintendo also unveiled the GameCube Broadband Adapter and 56k Modem during the show and announced a reduction in GameCube's MSRP to $149.

E3 Expo 2001

One of the most anticipated video game trade event of all time, last year's E3 saw the true unveiling of both Nintendo's GameCube and Microsoft's XBOX, Sega as a third party presenter, and the offerings of over 450 gaming companies. Show coordinators estimated a draw of over 62,000 video game executives, developers, retailers, media representatives, investors, analysts, and enthusiasts.

E3 History:

As video game company offerings began to surpass Consumer Electronic Show (CES) capacity in the mid '90s, the need for a major standalone American video game convention was becoming ever more apparent. The Interactive Software Developers Association (ISDA) realized the demand and in 1995 organized the first Electronic Entertainment Expo. The 1995 Expo included the display of Sony's new PlayStation and Sega' Saturn console and was an incredible success.

Los Angeles Convention Center:

The Los Angeles Convention Center is one of the largest and finest convention and exhibition facilities anywhere. The location contains 870,000 square feet of exhibit space, 64 meeting rooms, spacious lobbies, restaurants and food courts. Two towering glass and steel pavilions epitomize the architectural and aesthetic uniqueness of the center. The location covers fifty-four acres of land near the central business districts of Los Angeles.

The convention center is one of the few remaining in the nation large enough to host the event. Electronic Entertainment Expo 2001 primarily utilized Concourse, Kentia, Petree, South, and West halls of the convention center.

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