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"In gaming terms, this is up there with the invention of the steam engine."
- Steven Kent

It was just last year that venerated gaming journalist, Steven Kent, had demonstrated his admiration for Sony’s PlayStation 2 through such declarations (above). Author of The First Quarter, and a contributing editor for MSNBC, Seattle Times, and NextGen Magazine, Kent’s satisfaction with the system was made known through numerous publications and echoed by the mainstream media.

Though not sinking near the level of Sony fan boys, Kent did his fair share of PS2-backing journalism for quite some time. During this period, he seemed completely convinced that Sony would be the new market leader and his viewpoint was reflected in article after article.

It should be noted that Kent began to recognize PS2’s faults in his writing soon after the US launch. However, it wasn’t until the last days of ’00 that he truly eased up on Sony - commenting, “[PlayStation 2] is a very polished piece of electronics. But I am not yet convinced that it has the soul of a game machine, and I am not sure that it will be the best console out once Microsoft and Nintendo enter the market next year.”

It took this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles for Steven Kent to finally recognize the GameCube for its potential – writing such stories as “E3: Nintendo Rules the Show.” Kent’s recent article, “Gamers, Resist the Temptation,” reflects his new found love for the GameCube more than any other. The article reads in part:

“Now is a great time to be a gamer. But with a slew of new games and consoles being released in the coming months, now is not the time to be buying new hardware [A reference to PS2 if I have ever seen one]…

In terms of sheer quality, Nintendo looks to have the best line-up of games, most of which will be exclusive to GameCube. And this is where Sony’s reliance on third-party publishers breaks down.

In the past, Nintendo used cartridge games on its Nintendo 64; thus games on PlayStation were often bigger and better. But now, with PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox being so similar in power, that distinction is gone.”

The article reflects every issue from software development times to system support and how the GameCube differs from the PS2 in each respect.

A new direction for mainstream press?

For months GameCube fans have been dismayed with the biased-by-ignorance industry coverage from every news publication and financial analyst on earth. It took long enough but Nintendo’s impressive showing at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles may have finally shattered the fogged lens through which journalists saw the industry. After the event, many news publications credited Nintendo with taking the show and Merrill Lynch raised their recommendation on Nintendo to a Buy and revised system sales expectations ten fold.

June 20, 2001

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