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As first reported last week, Nintendo and fast-food giant Burger King today launched a kids meal toy promotion featuring Nintendo's best known characters. Among the collectable action characters to be included in the promotion, customers will find Donkey Kong, Kirby, Link, Luigi, Mario, Wario, and Yoshi.

"Nintendo is the world's leading videogame company and their characters have huge appeal among kids of all ages. Now boys and girls can have fun with Nintendo Superstars by sharpening their game-playing skills both in our restaurants and at home," said Rick Dow, Senior VP of Marketing Programs and Sales, Burger King Corporation. "By offering interactive skill- based toys inside our Kids Meals, we've created incredible value for our kid customers."

To add further excitement to the Nintendo Superstars promotion, more than 10,000 randomly seeded toys will be hidden in some Kids Meals throughout the country. Those lucky kids who find one of these gold-colored toys inside their Kids Meal will automatically win one Nintendo Game Boy Advance title with a retail value of $45 to $55. In order to receive the prize, kids simply fill out and mail in the winner confirmation card.

Each toy is an interactive "game" that imitates scenes based on popular Nintendo video games. These games include Donkey Kong Time Racer, Water Whirl Wario, Race Around Bowser & Peach, Coin Collector Mario Sunshine, Hop and Slide Diddy Kong, Kirby's Maze Adventures, Soar & Chase Luigi, Egg Hunter Yoshi, Kirby Ball Toss and Shield Spin Link. All toys are packaged individually inside a special opaque bag and two different toys will be distributed each week for five weeks.

Hop & Slide Diddy Coin Collector DK's Time Racer

Shield Spin Link Lunch & Munch Kirby Egg Hunter Yoshi

Water Whirl Wario Bowser & Peach Soar & Chase Luigi

January 6, 2002

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