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GB Advance


Nintendo GameCube sales held at 62,100 as the holiday shopping period came to a conclusion in Japan. Mario Party 4 continues to defy all expectations, climbing the #4 spot on the software sales chart after seven weeks of release. Party sold an unbelievable 130,500 copies in the week with total sales now reaching 629,800. Kaze no Takuto sold 81,800 copies for cumulative sales of 594,000.

Game Boy Advance sales fell from last week's high of 325,400 but held strong nonetheless with 282,200 units sold. Combined sales of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire neared 2.8 million units. Meanwhile, PlayStation 2 lead the way on the console front with 158,200 systems sold. Click to view last week's Japan Sales Report

Sales data courtesy of Media Create...

Console Week Year
1 Game Boy Advance 282,200 3,429,200
2 Sony PlayStation 2 158,200 3,669,500
3 Nintendo GameCube 62,100 1,191,400
4 Microsoft Xbox 9,400 321,800
5 Sony PlayStation 5,500 224,400
6 Bandai Swan Crystal 3,400 118,400

December 25, 2002

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