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Electronic Entertainment Expo Coverage


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E3 Expo Introduction

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual video game trade show event. The largest of its kind, E3 is attended by thousands and is the platform for hundreds of entertainment product unveilings every year. Perhaps the most anticipated video game trade event of all time, this year's E3...

E3 Expo Image Gallery
GameCubicle brings you a number of the finest E3 Expo images found anywhere. Our correspondents spent a great deal of time snapping these photos so that all visitors could have a fine view of the show in action. We don't disappoint...

Nintendo Booth Reflections

The moment the doors were opened to the exhibits at the Los Angeles Convention Center, a flood of gamers rushed to the Nintendo booth. Ever since, Nintendo's extravagant booth has remained thoroughly occupied. Of the many attractions, a few including the booth's design, the games on...

Nintendo Representatives: Impact & Perspectives
Evident in popular consensus and the press, Nintendo made an impressive showing at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. One of the many features that made the Nintendo booth so complete was the assistance offered on the show floor by experienced company representatives.

E3: GameCubes or Development Kits?

Recently, there has been some dispute as to whether these fantastic titles were running off of GameCube systems or Nintendo development boxes. A reliable Nintendo source informed that all of the GameCube titles at Nintendo’s booth were in fact running off of developer boxes...

GameCubicle's Journey to E3

GameCubicle's journey to E3 2001 began the morning of May 16th. The day commenced for this GameCubicle member at 9:30 in the morning with the sound of my alarm clock. Checked off one digital camera, one digital video camera, one transcription tape recorder, one laptop, one copy of... is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
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