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Bomberman Generation

Bomberman Generation

Developer: Hudson Soft

Publisher: Majesco

Players: 1 - 4

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Overall Rating8.1 / 10

It is the cosmic year 200X and the notorious Hige Hige Bandits have scattered six powerful Bomb Elements throughout six worlds. Bomberman must find all six elements to prevent the evil gang from doing very naughty things. Each world presents its own unique challenge. In Octo Ocean, you use underwater currents to explore caves and sunken pirate ships. In Tentasia, you can bomb trees to create a makeshift bridge or hop in tree stumps to be magically transported to another location. 

As with past Bomberman games, the basic idea is to bomb your way through worlds populated by all kinds of enemies and obstacles. In Bomberman Generation, developer Hudson has preserved the balance of explosive action and brain-exploding puzzles that fans love. Using Bomberman's abilities, you can throw or kick bombs in any direction. Enemies won't sit and wait for the bombs to detonate, so you must use good timing and clever placement of your bombs to trap your enemies.

Bomberman has always been one of the great multiplayer franchises. Bomberman Generation carries on that great tradition with Battle Games for two, three or four players that are guaranteed to give your and your friends plenty o' opportunities for trash-talking fun. The Standard Battle is essentially a survival match on any of eight battlefields. You get one life and unlimited bombs to destroy your enemies. Variations on this classic mode include Reversi, which lets you use bombs to mark your territory; Coin Battle, in which the player who collects the most coins wins; and Dodge Battle, in which you must stay alive as bombs are dropped onto the field.





This game has not yet been evaluated. When it is, we will outline the positive aspects of this title here.
This game has not yet been evaluated. When it is, we will outline any negative aspects of this title here.

IGN Cube:

"It's no surprise that the GameCube-only Bomberman Generation offers up a rewarding gameplay experience with an old-school single-player 3D adventure and addictive 2D battle support for multiplayer. Fans of the series will find the title a must-have, parents looking for a wholesome game..."


Game Spot:
"The surprisingly addictive and deceptively clever Bomberman Generation has gotten the series back on track. The game has an extensive single-player experience, complete with monster raising, and a multiplayer mode that is worth the price of the game alone."


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