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In-Depth with GameCube's Controller

Nintendo has long been an innovative mind in controller design. Throughout the years, a company by the name of Nintendo has been credited time and again for creating hardware and software innovations that forever...

Nintendo's GameCube Internet Strategy

Nintendo of America today finally unveiled its Internet strategy for their GameCube console. While both Sony and Microsoft have announced online plans for their respective consoles, Nintendo has until now remained silent on the issue. For service...

Nintendo WaveBird Launch Details

Nintendo today announced it will release its WaveBird controller on June 10, 2002 with a very affordable $34.95 sticker - two weeks earlier and $5 less than previously announced. The Wavebird controller will be the first wireless controller to be made... 

Nintendo WaveBird Wireless Controller
Play just about anywhere in the room without interference. The WaveBird wireless controller works on radio frequency, so you won't have to worry...
GameCube Carry Cases
Carry your GameCube in style with GameCube backpacks, mini-DVD game cases, shoulder packs and more. Visit the Carry Cases section of Hardware for details including larger images...

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