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Def Jam Vendetta

Def Jam Vendetta

EA / Aki

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Players: 1 - 4

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: TeenESRB Information

Overall Rating8.2 / 10

Jam Vendetta invites you to the underground circuit of hardcore brawling. Get your props as you hook up with the urban local legends and battle for ultimate supremacy. Featuring an original storyline and more than 45 unique characters, Def Jam Vendetta by EA SPORTS BIG provides over 1,500 varying moves, including dozens of signature special moves and taunts. This is your chance to earn money, power, and respect. Advance through more than 10 highly-detailed hip-hop venues, each filled with animated crowds, hot beats, and original music, and see if you can overthrow D-Mob, the underground king.





Unique, original storyline that compliments explosive gameplay actionthe plot thickens as you fight your way through the underground circuit.

Over 45 characters, including 12 Def Jam artists: DMX, Ludacris, Method Man, NORE, Redman, Scarface, Ghostface Killah, Capone, and DJ Funkmaster Flex.

More than 10 highly detailed worlds built straight from the meanest of mean streets, including DMX's Junkyard and Scarface's Speakeasy.

Continuous play with over 1,500 unique moves, including reverse kicks, punches, martial arts throws, choke holds, elbow and knee strikes, and more. Plus, hyper-realistic, super-dynamic EA SPORTS BIG-style moves.

Dozens of signature moves and player taunts referenced directly from each artist.

Use money earned in fights to upgrade character attributes (such as power, speed, defense, stamina, etc.)

Four match types: Single, Tag Team, Free For All, and Handicap.

Unique momentum and health system that changes based on player status (e.g., players doing well develop a blazing special move; players getting beat see their health decrease and their moves get weaker.)

IGN Cube:
"When it comes to two-player action, you'll be hard-pressed to find a smoother, slicker slobber knocker than this wrestler. It's the game that makes The Rock look like a pebble and is a must-buy for all fans of the genre. And, as you can see by the score, it's the highest rated wrestling game on the site."

"Def Jam: Vendetta sounds less like a good idea for a game and more like a license to print money, but it's actually done pretty well. The characters look like they should, even down to their outfits, and the gameplay is what you'd expect from a good brawler. It's also surprisingly challenging..."


"As a wrestling game, Def Jam Vendetta manages to succeed on most every level, providing surprisingly deep gameplay, quality graphics and sound, and a distinctive atmosphere. Vendetta is truly a great wrestling game that any fan of the genre should try."


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