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Luigis Mansion

Luigi's Mansion


Publisher: Nintendo

Players: Single

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Overall Rating8.0 / 10

After two decades of playing second fiddle to Mario, little brother Luigi is headed straight into the thick of things, and his nightmarish adventure is guaranteed to be one of the most spectacular and involving games ever created. The guiding light of Luigi's Mansion is Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, the most revered game designer of all time. With each new generation of video game consoles, Mr. Miyamoto extends his creative vision beyond known boundaries. Donkey Kong for the arcade, Super Mario Bros. for the NES, Super Mario World for the Super NES and Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 were break-through games that defined new genres.





This game has not yet been released. When it is, we will outline the positive aspects of this title here.
This game has not yet been released. When it is, we will outline any negative aspects of this title here.

IGN Cube:

"With a strike of lightning the camera zoomed in through the doors. Turning slowly was a shadowy figure of a man featuring a mustache, sideburns, and a hat. For a split second many thought they were finally going to see the new Mario game in action..."


Game Spot:
"Luigi's first solo excursion has flashes of brilliance and is fun while it lasts, but the short amount of time it takes to complete it makes it a hard recommendation. If you're a serious video game collector or just want a game that will adequately show off your new console..."


NextGen Magazine:
"Luigi's Mansion is, very simply, a haunted house adventure that swaps out the really spooky environs of the first Resident Evil for charming, cartoonish ghosts on par with those seen in Disney's Haunted Mansion ride. An entertaining first effort for GameCube. Not the epic scale of Mario."


Nintendo Power:
"Luigi's Mansion is destined to become a classic because it boasts everything that makes a video game great. Beautiful graphics and a truly new style of play make Luigi engaging. The game is on the short side, but it's very enjoyable while it lasts, with its clever puzzles and innovative gameplay."


Nintendo Web:
"Luigi's Mansion is not the genre-defining event we were hoping for, but it's easily one of the best games available and certainly one that any new GameCube owner should think about purchasing. Petty complaints should not put you off the game. It's a short ride, but a fun one at that."


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