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Metroid Prime

Retro Studios

Publisher: Nintendo

Players: Single

Force Feedback, GCN/GBA Link

ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Overall Rating9.8 / 10

The venerable Metroid series starring Samus exploded onto the scene in 1986, and two sequels later, fans still haven't gotten enough. Last seen racing from the exploding planet Zebes after defeating the Mother Brain, Samus Aran is back in action in this first-person adventure as visually stunning as any sci-fi movie. Being Samus, she's of course armed to the max with high-tech weaponry.

Doing justice to the original, the developers at Retro Studios charge full-speed ahead with a brand-new ballistic adventure that comes heavily armed with high-caliber gameplay, including first-person adventuring as seen through Samus's combat, scan and other high-tech visors. Loaded with classic weapons from the previous Metroid games and an arsenal of all-new weapons, Metroid Prime is an adrenaline-charged alien-blasting adventure that's worth setting your sights on.





Traverse a crippled spaceship and explore the vast worlds of Tallon IV in an all-new first-person perspective!

If you've completed Metroid Fusion, you can unlock the original NES version of Metroid in Metroid Prime through the GCN-GBA Link Cable.

After completing Metroid Prime and connecting the two games, you'll be able to play through Metroid Prime wearing Samus's Fusion Suit from Metroid Fusion.

Take advantage of Samus's many powers using new suits that enable her to gain new abilities and revisit earlier worlds to uncover many hidden secrets. 

Master Samus's combat, scan, and visors -- elements crucial to your success.

Explore each area to find many familiar weapons, such as the Wave Beam and Freeze Beam, and some all-new ones as well.

Choose the right weapon or ability carefully for the situation at hand. Samus will need to use all of the suit and visor abilities as well as many specialized weapons to navigate deadly Tallon IV!

IGN Cube:

"I would recommend Metroid Prime as an absolute buy - skip the renting facade - for every owner of a GameCube. It's a real collector's item. You'll want to keep this one even after your done spending 30+ hours with it. Metroid Prime is an instant classic that you will use to measure forthcoming software by..."


Electronic Gaming Monthly:

"The best GameCube game yet... Whether you're new to the series or (especially) if you're an old fan with lofty expectations, Prime is better than you can imagine. An absolute masterpiece, a modern classic, and probably the most fun I've ever had playing a videogame..."

"The intense yet strategic combat of Halo. The ingenious level design and devious puzzles of Zelda's best dungeons. Metroid Prime is better than you can imagine. An absolute masterpiece, a modern classic, and probably the most fun I've ever had playing a videogame..."


"Let's get right to the point: Prime is the best GameCube game to date. It's one of the best games on any platform this year and it's also the best game yet in Nintendo's highly acclaimed Metroid series. It's not just one of the single most atmospheric games ever created, but it's also quite simply one of the best."


Nintendo Power:

"It's incredible how it has stayed so true to its predecessors yet has made the transition to a new-generation platform so fluidly. Prime captures the thrill of exploring a dangerous alien world through wonderful special effects, excellent sound elements and game play that keeps your fingers on the trigger..."


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