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NFL 2K3 GameCube


Developer: Visual Concepts

Publisher: Sega

Players: 1 - 4

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Overall Rating9.0 / 10

SEGA Sports NFL 2K3 delivers a new level of authenticity with an ESPN telecast-style presentation. Everything from the trademark split-screen player introductions and analysis, game highlights, scores and overlays to the famous SportsCenter theme music, help create the look and feel of an actual ESPN telecast of the National Football League. In SEGA Sports NFL 2K3, weekly wrap-ups show actual game highlights from simulated games around the league and a variety of post-season awards distinguish the best of the best in the NFL.

Joining the returning Exhibition, Tournament, Season and Practice Modes is a brand new Situation Mode and the reconstructed Franchise Mode. The Franchise Mode, which features an innovative visual interface and additional team management options, arrives for the new season with an extensive overhaul. As users step into the shoes of their favorite team's players, coaches and general managers, they have the option of signing free agents, scouting and drafting rookies, making trades and even drafting graduating seniors from SEGA Sports NCAA College Football 2K3. The Situation Mode lets players customize a variety of options to create their own unique in-game scenario, from running two-minute drills to lining up for the game winning field goal.

SEGA Sports NFL 2K3 athletes have been remodeled using 3D scans of prototype NFL body types to look more genuine and lifelike than ever. Player body sizes now match the unique height, weight and girth for each of the individual positions on the field. The 3D stadiums were also redesigned to more accurately represent the size and magnitude of actual NFL stadiums. The result is a game that is visually striking, capturing everything from the cheap seats and crowded sidelines in the stadiums to the player's dramatic facial expressions.




Replays, scores, music, and more are displayed in the famous ESPN style.

Track comprehensive player stats and make shrewd trades as you build your franchise, while developing your current team and performing on the field each week. An intuitive visual presentation makes being a General Manager easier than ever before.

Call plays just before the snap to catch your opponent off guard. NFL 2K3 eliminates the complexity, making it simple to call a blitz or take advantage of a defensive mismatch.

Computer opponents use more smarts when calling plays, including tough defensive stands when you’re attacking in the red zone.

You can draft senior college players from NCAA College Football 2K3 and have them play in NFL 2K3!

All the exceptional football moves you expect from the NFL 2K series plus improved stiff arms, last-ditch QB passing, stinging aerial hits, ball stripping lunges, and more.

Announcers deliver insightful commentary based on game situation, historical references, milestones, and other factors, and use visual aides such as a telestrator and dynamic camera angles to illustrate key points.

Every NFL stadium is here, authentically reproduced in stunning 3D. From the cheap seats to sidelines crowded with players, coaches, and camera crews, no detail is overlooked.

NFL 2K3 ImageNFL 2K3 Image

Great Franchise Mode, Incredible AI, Flawless Presentation, Beautiful True-to-Life Graphics, Great ESPN Appearance & Commentary
Occasional Clipping, Big Learning Curve

IGN Cube:

"I didn't think it was possible, but Sega and Visual concepts have created a football game arguably more feature-rich and detailed than the legendary Madden. Both games are amazing, but NFL 2K3 is a nice change of pace if you've been glued to the Madden franchise for years..."


Game Spot:
"It's very hard to find any faults in NFL 2K3. The game offers a variety of modes, including a significantly improved franchise mode, as well as incredibly balanced passing and running components. In addition, the excellent commentary and graphics round out an overall excellent football experience."


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