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Piglet's Big Game

Doki Denki

Publisher: Gotham Games

Players: Single


ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Overall Rating?.? / 10

When Piglet is frightened by a tree shadow, he gets teased by his friends for being so timid. Piglet decides to head off and lead another life, without anyone to “save” him from imagined monsters. Piglet’s friends begin to miss him and fall asleep thinking of their runaway pal. Once outside The Hundred Acre Wood, Piglet discovers a magical telescope that allows him to enter his friends’ dreams. When Piglet does this, he discovers that his friends are having nightmares where Heffalumps and Woozles are stealing what they hold most dear. Piglet decides it’s time for him to be brave, and save the dreams of all his friends.





Piglet helps all his friends, saving the dreams of Pooh, Roo, Owl, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Tigger.

Players not only get to play as Piglet, but as Pooh and Tigger too!

7 different worlds for Piglet to explore

IGN Cube:

"Piglet's Big Game is a nice little gem for the younger crowd. And if Winnie the Pooh is your thing, this just might be the best game starring the gang from the Hundred Acre Woods. Developer Doki Denki has done a great job tailoring the game to suit younger players. Highly recommended for younger gamers and fans of Pooh..."


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