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Nintendo's EAD

Publisher: Nintendo

Players: Single

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Overall Rating9.0 / 10

Shigeru Miyamoto, the world-famous creator of Mario and Zelda, has been waiting for years to develop a game like this. When a space traveler crashes in a strange world, the Pikmin - a curious race of plantlike creatures - help him explore, fight off savage predators and assemble the scattered pieces of his spaceship. The Pikmin look like flowers when they're in the ground, but they can move freely and work together. Time is running out on the space traveler's life-support system, though, which means you'll have to race against a Majora's Mask-like deadline. Controlling more than a hundred Pikmin at once is an experience unlike any you've ever had in a video game!





Pikmin ImagePikmin Image

Artistic, Visually Enjoyable Levels; Revolutionary Adventure/Puzzle Gameplay; Intuitive Controls; Miyamoto's Perfection; Relaxing Gameplay
No Multiplayer Options; Could have been Longer; Dull Sound Department

CloudChaser Nintendo:

"You can play for two days or two weeks, it depends on how satisfied you are with your efforts. If you give it a chance, however, it is likely that your dreams for the near future are going to be red, yellow and blue as you imagine ways of organizing a better day."


IGN Cube:

"All in all, a very complete puzzle-strategy-adventure that comes highly recommended. Visually, the game is a beautiful achievement. The quirky, life-under-the-microscope title delivers a unique experience like few before it with a blend of real-time strategy, adventure, and puzzle elements."


Game Spot:
"Featuring slick graphics and addictive gameplay, Pikmin is a fresh entry in the GameCube software library. It's an original game that showcases the GC hardware and Nintendo development prowess... If you're looking for a cool game to show off your system, you should pick it up." 


"The delicate balance between simple controls and puzzling objectives keeps Pikmin entertaining throughout the entire adventure. Don't let Pikmin's typical Nintendo-cuddly look deter you. Pikmin isn't for every gamer, but this game is worthy of your and should be in your library. Long live the Pikmin."


Planet GameCube:
"Pikmin graphically are impressive by themselves. Seeing 100 Pikmin running around and responding to the environment has to be witnessed to be truly appreciated. Pikmin more than exemplifies what “The Nintendo Difference” is all about. Miyamoto has created yet another unique and wonderful experience."


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