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Star Wars: Rogue Leader

LucasArts / F5

Publisher: Nintendo

Players: Single

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: TeenESRB Information

Overall Rating9.2 / 10

Think you've got what it takes to lead the elite Rogue Squadron? Now's your chance to jump into the cockpit of an X-wing and find out. Join Luke Skywalker and the Star Wars galaxy's most daring pilots as they return to face off against the Empire in Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II for Nintendo GameCube. As in the original hit game for N64, you'll relive favorite Star Wars battles including the perilous Death Star trench run, a daring space attack on a Star Destroyer and the legendary battle on the ice planet Hoth. Rogue Leader features stunning, movie-like visuals and immerses players in an intense action-arcade experience. Aerial conflict takes place in a variety of craft such as the legendary X-wing, A-wing, and B-wing. The squadron is yours, Rogue Leader!





Rogue Leader Images

Brilliant Graphics; Massive Levels; Incredible Lighting Effects; Intuitive AI; Intricate Control Scheme; Orchestrated Music and Great Sound Effects; Sharp Presentation 
Unforgivable Lack of Multiplayer Mode

IGN Cube:

"If the title's play mechanics don't grab players immediately, its unbelievable graphics surely will. Huge levels, tons of intricately detailed landscapes, real-time lighting, self-shadowing objects - all with a fluidity that runs in some levels at 60 frames and in others at 60 and 30. Buy it. Buy it right this very second."


Game Spot:
"Rogue Leader serves up one of the best showcases for Nintendo's new system and an equally impressive game. Rogue Leader easily stands as the most impressive launch title for the GameCube. GameCube owners in search of a showcase for their new system owe it to themselves to pick up a copy."


NextGen Magazine:
"If you're going to buy a GameCube, you're going to want - no, you're going to need - this game. The incredible graphics, awesome soundtrack, and gameplay - we actually whooped out loud after we barely finished one harrowing level - make this the most exciting experience on GameCube so far."


"This is an extremely polished title for the GameCube’s launch. Factor 5’s incredible attention to detail, combined with the Star Wars theme, is a brilliant combination. This game serves both as a demo of and a testament to the brilliant power of the GameCube. Rogue Leader certainly gets the job done."


Nintendo Power:
"The visuals are astounding, the challenge is incredible and the action is nonstop. Lucas Arts strikes back with Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, a 16-world game that spans Episodes IV, V, and VI, and features intensive aerial-based missions only... It controls like a dream."


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