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Star Fox Adventures


Publisher: Nintendo

Players: Single

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: TeenESRB Information

Overall Rating9.0 / 10

In this landmark gaming event, Rare and Nintendo join forces to chart the return of a classic Nintendo hero: Fox McCloud, best known as leader of the Star Fox team. The GameCube exclusive Star Fox Adventures sees Fox leave the safety of his Arwing cockpit to investigate the Dinosaur Planet situation on foot, and his discovery of an amazing transformable staff is just the first chapter in a truly epic fantasy adventure. Eight years on from the defeat of Andross chronicled in Star Fox 64, meet the Star Fox team members in their new roles: Slippy in Weapon Tech Development, supplying Fox with the latest gadgets and equipment; Peppy in Mission Support, always on hand to give directions; and Rob The Robot, supervising the mission in case you ever need extra supplies. Falco? Last seen jetting off in pursuit of a glamorous solo career...

There are also plenty of new characters to meet, most importantly Krystal, a mysterious female captured by an ancient force known only as the Krazoa, and Prince Tricky, a friendly (but smart-mouthed) young triceratops destined to become Fox's new sidekick whether he likes it or not. In addition to these key figures, the planet is populated by a wide range of detailed dinos ready to interact with Fox and help in any way they can. Since the invasion Dinosaur Planet is a place fraught with danger, but Fox McCloud didn't get where he is today by being unprepared. Chief amongst his resources is the staff, which allows him to perform a range of hand-to-hand combat maneuvers and can transform into more powerful configurations, but he can also rely on Slippy's technological support and of course his trusty Arwing, which he'll find himself returning to for the occasional flying mission. Then there are Tricky's unique Sidekick Skills, the importance of which shouldn't be understated (or you'll never hear the end of it).

As you'd expect, the game features a deep, engaging storyline to complement its likeable cast of characters, and intuitive situation-based controls help to keep the player immersed. But it's also a stunning game in technical terms: you'll guide Fox through environments brimming with breathtaking water effects, realistic shadows and changes in weather pattern, while the characters themselves were recently upgraded to display state-of-the-art real-time fur-rendering techniques. If you think it looks good in the shots, just wait until you see it in action...

GameCubicle got hands-on with Star Fox Adventures at E3 and can say with complete confidence that screen captures cannot come close to doing justice to the pure graphical brilliance of this game. The reflective and reactive water surfaces are among the most beautiful we've ever seen. Well detailed levels, dynamic lighting effects, and numerous bump-mapped surfaces - not to mention blades of grass that sway in the wind - bring the SFA's environment to life in ways unseen in most other games. The title's controls are fluid and well laid out in a scheme reminiscent of Ocarina of Time. The bottom line on this one... Star Fox Adventures is one of the most stunningly beautiful and technologically impressive platformers ever made... for any console... ever.





Incredibly Beautiful and Detailed Graphics, Engaging Storyline, Near Flawless Controls
Frame Rate Occasionally Choppy

IGN Cube:

"UK software house Rare started development on its 3D epic Star Fox Adventures at around the same time life erupted on Earth. Now, some billions of years later, the game has finally arrived. So the big question is, has the wait been worth it? The answer is, quite simply, yes."

"It's a bizarre mishmash of clashing styles that, despite being all over the map, is still a must-play title. I suggest that all Zelda fans give SFA a chance and stick with it. Overall, it's a highly polished effort. (Special note: If you, unlike me, think talking foxes are sexy, add two points to my score.)"


Game Spot:
"Actually, Star Fox Adventures is simply a great game in most every respect. And Star Fox Adventures has some hidden bonuses to be discovered, too. It's sad that this is the last Rare game for a Nintendo system. But if you're gonna go out, you might as well go out in style, and Rare certainly has."


Nintendo Power:

"Fox and friends look fantastic. It's easy to see why the title won Best Graphics at E3 this year. There are some clever puzzles to figure out, plenty of space combat and the usual almost-maddening-but-ultimately-very-rewarding level of difficulty that we've come to expect from Rare."


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