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Super Monkey Ball 2


Publisher: Sega

Players: 1 - 4

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Overall Rating9.2 / 10

AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon are on a roll - again! Super Monkey Ball 2 brings the party to a whole new level with six brand new party games, six revamped party games, a new Story Mode, and 150 new Main Game stages. Casual gamers will love the easy pick-up-and-play gameplay while the more seasoned gamers will be put to the ultimate test in the later stages. In the new Story Mode, you'll fight as AiAi to stop the evil plans of the deranged scientist, Dr. BAD-BOON and his mysterious sidekick, simply known as Dr. BAD-BOON's Assistant. But Story Mode is just the beginning - you'll want to grab some friends and get groovin' with the 12 new Party Games! Take on totally revamped versions of your old favorites like Monkey Bowling and Monkey Target, or step up to the competition on any of the 6 brand new Party Games. With its new modes, awesome graphics, and exciting multi-player features, Super Monkey Ball 2 is guaranteed to keep your party guests going bananas for hours.





Explore 10 Monkey Worlds filled with unique themes and incredible visuals in the new Story Mode for a total of 150 new Main Game stages.

6 totally revamped Party Games: Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, Monkey Target, Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf!

6 brand new Party Games: Monkey Tennis, Monkey Baseball, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Boat Race, Monkey Shot, and Monkey Dog Fight!

IGN Cube:

"The follow-up adheres to the play style of the original offering, but adds an overwhelming supply of new single-player levels, expands upon the sizeable multiplayer mini-games already featured with several fantastic entries, and updates the graphic look so that environments are flashier and more animated..."

"Almost every stage has some kind of clever gimmick: dominoes to dodge, switches to activate, erratically moving platforms, and some neat tricks with steps... Alone, neither the mini- nor the main games make SMB2 a must-buy, but together, they're a tough package to turn down..."


Game Spot:
"With so many so-called party games out there trying so hard to create a frenetic multiplayer experience, it's almost amazing how Super Monkey Ball 2 makes it all seem so effortless and manages to include a compelling single-player game to boot. Fans of the series will find more to love here..."


Nintendo Power:

"Super Monkey Ball 2 rolls out over 150 new tracks and 12 arcade-style minigames. Each party game offers endless fun, so you practically get 12 stand-alone games with your Super Monkey Ball rocking and rolling. Pure fun. The immense challenge will make a monkey out of you..."


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