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Buy Super Mario Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros Melee


Publisher: Nintendo

Players: 1 - 4

Force Feedback

ESRB Rating: TeenESRB Information

Overall Rating9.3 / 10

The imaginative world of Nintendo is brought to life by the staggering processing power of Nintendo GameCube in Super Smash Bros. Melee - the most furious, frenzied, frantic fighter of all-time. Choose from 14 of your all-time favorite Nintendo characters and fight using signature moves and weapons. Battle in arenas pulled right from the lush worlds of the Nintendo universe. The most addictive multiplayer game on the N64 is making the leap to the next-generation. Mario, DK, Link, Peach, Samus, Ice Climber and plenty of other characters make their GameCube debut in 20 different stages pulled from virtually every hit Nintendo game. The world's first four-player fighter returns with all-new fighting modes, an all-new side-scrolling one-player mode and extremely detailed, customizable rule sets. Over 30 offensive and defensive items, plus hidden modes and characters to unlock and the ultimate melee battle against 100 enemies! Show 'em your moves in decision matches that judge how well you fight. Test your might in a new tournament mode that can handle up to 64 entrants. You can even earn points and trade them for trophies.




Play as Donkey Kong, Kirby, Link, Mario, Ness, Pikachu, Yoshi, Zelda and other famous Nintendo characters. Unlock others for a total of 25.

Fully orchestrated sound tracks from classic Nintendo games. 

Features over 20 fighting venues from familiar Nintendo landscapes.

Play to unlock nearly 300 character and item trophies.

See your old favorites as never before on the GameCube.

Super Smash Bros Melee ImagesSuper Smash Bros Melee

Incredible Lasting Appeal; Sharp Visuals; Many Fantastic Modes of Play; Beautifully Orchestrated Music; Hundreds of Game Options; Great Multiplayer
Complicated Presentation; Uninspired Backgrounds

IGN Cube:

"Smash Bros. Melee is a fantastic sequel and an amazing fighter. If you consider yourself a Nintendo fan even just a little, this is a virtual treasure of a game that simply mustn't be passed up. This has become and will likely become one of my favorite GameCube titles of all-time. It's that good."


Game Spot:
"Super Smash Bros. Melee has clearly been designed to appeal, foremost, to Nintendo's die-hard fans. Judged on its own merits, though, Nintendo's spastic tribute to itself stands quite strong as one of the most engaging multiplayer games available for any console platform."


Planet GameCube:
"Super Smash Bros Melee is an excellent game that deserves every little ounce of praise it gets... Super Smash Bros Melee is easily the best game available for the GameCube this year. Unless you did not like the first one, you owe it to yourself (and your friends) to own this game..."


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