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Wario World


Publisher: Nintendo

Players: Single

Force Feedback; GBA Link

ESRB Rating: EveryoneESRB Information

Release DateJune 23, 2003

Wario’s back in all his greedy glory--staring for the first time in 3-D--as he searches for his transformed treasure in Wario World. As the game begins, Wario is so happy that he just can’t stop smiling. After all, he has finally completed his long-desired castle. Deep within his castle is a treasure room, where he hides the many, many treasures that he has plundered during his many adventures. What he doesn’t realize is that, hidden among the treasures, there is a strange black jewel that shines with an ominous light. This jewel has a very strange ability--it urns gems into monsters!

Experience extremely fast-paced game play, making for a rolling good time, as Wario puts up his dukes to battle a seemingly endless tide of weird and wild enemies.

Help Wario brawl his way through huge areas, as he tries to reclaim his treasure. He'll have to defeat big bosses and save innocent creatures that are scattered throughout the worlds as well.

Use all kinds of over-the-top wrestling-style moves at Wario’s disposal. 

Laugh with Wario as he takes damage in comical ways, becoming flat as a board or catching on fire.

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