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GB Advance


Japanese gaming publication, Famitsu Magazine, has published a list of upcoming Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance games scheduled for release in Japan next year. Tentative release dates were also provided for a number of titles. The lists confirm Mario Kart GC, Animal Crossing 2, and Pikmin 2 are on track for 2003 releases in Japan. Additionally the lists confirm the development of Kirby's Airland for Nintendo GameCube - news that was broken by GameCubicle during E3 2002.

Nintendo 2003 Release Schedule (Japan)...

Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Feb. 7)
Metroid Prime (Feb. 28)
Giftpia (Apr.)
F-Zero GC (May)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Spring)
Wario World (Spring)
Kirby's Airland (Summer)
Mario Golf GC (Summer)
Mario Tennis GC (Winter)
1080 GC (Winter)
Star Fox Armada
Mario Kart GC
Pikmin 2
Animal Crossing 2

Game Boy Advance
Metroid Fusion (Feb. 14)
Zelda Link to the Past (Mar.)
Game Boy Gallery 4
Game Boy Music
Luna Blaze
Mario Golf GBA
Mario Tennis GBA

December 24, 2002

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