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January, 2003

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Nintendo GameCube Bundle Details


Following less-than-stellar holiday sales for Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo of America announced they will soon offer consumers a free game with the purchase of a Nintendo GameCube for $149. Beginning February 9th, select retailers will offer GameCube buyers...

Ikaruga Confirmed for North America


Atari Interactive, a subsidiary of Infogrames Interactive, today confirmed they will be releasing the much-anticipated hit Japanese game Ikaruga on Nintendo GameCube in North America. "The buzz around Ikaruga precedes it and we are thrilled to be importing...

SEGA's 2003 GameCube Lineup


Sega Corp. today announced their release plans across all consoles for 2003. While PlayStation 2 will once again receive the majority of Sega's games, GameCube owners can look forward to at least ten new titles from Sega's numerous development teams...

Link in Soul Calibur 2


GameCube was first unveiled on August 24, 2000 at Nintendo's Space World show in Japan. On this day the world got its first glimpse of GameCube's power in a technical demo featuring Nintendo's greatest characters. Included in the demo was a battle...

Nintendo Release Schedule


By summertime Nintendo of America will accelerate its Nintendo GameCube game library past 225 titles as it continues to broaden its appeal to video game players of all ages, interests and lifestyles. This reflects an increasing amount of support from third-party...

Satoru Iwata Interview


Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo Co. Ltd., recently discussed Nintendo's operations with Japanese business newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun. In the interview, Iwata discusses home console and handheld unit sales, competition from rivals, overseas...

Japan Sales Report


Nintendo GameCube sales held at 62,100 as the holiday shopping period came to a conclusion in Japan. Mario Party 4 continues to defy all expectations, climbing the #4 spot on the software sales chart after seven weeks of release. Mario Party 4 sold... 

Nintendo of Europe GameCube Release Schedule


For Nintendo fans in Europe, 2003 is the year Nintendo's most famous names make their resplendent returns. Samus Aran in Metroid Prime; Link in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening; 1080º Avalanche; Wario World...

Nintendo Unveils Game Boy Advance SP


Nintendo Co. Ltd. today unveiled the Game Boy Advance SP. The enhanced Game Boy Advance features a backlit flip top screen and an ultra-sleek square design measuring eight centimeters along its sides. It will be available in blue, silver, and black. The GBA...

Steven Kent on Game Boy Advance SP


In an article for USA Today, professional video game journalist, Steven Kent, has disclosed the first reliable information on Game Boy Advance SP, an updated version of GBA featuring a flip-up backlit screen. The handheld will have an MSRP of $99 and...

Enhanced Game Boy Advance Expected


CNN/Money, a collaboration between CNN and Money magazine, is reporting that Nintendo is expected to unveil an enhanced version of the Game Boy Advance on January 7th. The handheld is said to feature an internal backlight and should come to retail for $90...

Nintendo Characters at Burger King


As first reported last week, Nintendo and fast-food giant Burger King today launched a kids meal toy promotion featuring Nintendo's best known characters. Among the collectable action characters to be included in the promotion, customers will find...

December, 2002

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Metroid Prime Takes Wide Game of the Year Honors


The year has not officially ended but that hasn't stopped stopped some major gaming publications from deciding on Nintendo's Metroid Prime as game of the year. Reuters today noted Prime's early claim to one of the highest of gaming honors in an article titled...

Nintendo Characters at Burger King


Nintendo plans to take Burger King by storm in the new year as the fast-food giant will soon launch a kids meal toy promotion featuring Nintendo's best known characters. Among the collectable action characters to be included in the promotion, customers...

P.N 03 Screens


Product Number 3 is an action game starring Vanessa Z. Schneider, a female soldier with a dark history who possesses a powerful laser gun. When a colonial settlement turns into a killing field after a Computer Arms Management System goes haywire...

Japan Sales Report


Nintendo GameCube sales continued to climb last week to 77,000 as the holiday shopping period came to a peak in Japan. Significant influences in GameCube's sales were The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto and Mario Party 4. Kaze no Takuto which was...

Giftpia Details


Nintendo Co. Ltd. has launched a Web site for the upcoming GameCube title, Giftpia. The cel-shaded RPG is being developed by Skip Ltd, a Tokyo-based developer lead by ex-Square executive Keichi Nishi who contributed to the development of Chrono Trigger...

Nintendo's 2003 Software Lineup


Japanese gaming publication, Famitsu Magazine, has published a list of upcoming Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance games scheduled for release in Japan next year. Tentative release dates were also provided for a number of titles. The lists confirm...

North America Sales Report


Industry data tracking service NPD Funworld has released November sales numbers for North America. According to NPD, 468,000 GameCubes were sold in November, tying sales of Microsoft's Xbox. Considering that Microsoft recently bundled two free games...

Interview with the Designers of Wind Waker


Nintendo Co. Ltd. recently held a press conference in Japan where the designers of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker discussed the game's development. The interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma was translated in full by

Japan Sales Report


Nintendo GameCube sales soared last week to 67,000 as the holiday shopping season in Japan kicked into full gear. Unquestionably a significant influence in GameCube's sales, The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto had a tremendous launch on the 13th with...

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Release Details


Nintendo of America today confirmed that gamers who pre-order The Wind Waker at participating retailers will receive a limited-edition disc including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest. Distributi...

Nintendo Causes Melee at Panasonic Center


More than one hundred gamers gathered around Matsushita's Panasonic Center in Japan earlier this week to view and participate in a Super Smash Bros. Melee contest hosted by Nintendo to promote GameCube's WaveBird Wireless Controller. Players battled it out...

Nintendo Denies Discussions with NEC


According to Jiji Press of Japan, Nintendo has denied that they're engaged in discussions with NEC regarding the co-development of a chip for a next-generation Nintendo game console. The story was originally reported by the very-reliable Bloomberg news...

Alias/Wavefront's Miya: 3D Software Behind Wind Waker


Alias/Wavefront issued press release today noting Maya was the exclusive 3D software behind The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on Nintendo GameCube. "We're honored that Nintendo has chosen to work with Alias|Wavefront's Maya 3D tool," said Geoff Foulds...

GameCube Successor Under Development


According to Bloomberg, NEC Corp. is engaged in discussions with Nintendo Co. Ltd. regarding the co-development of a graphics chip for a next-generation Nintendo game console. The system would be Nintendo GameCube's successor and would compete with...

Japan Sales Report


Sales of Nintendo GameCube in Japan declined this week to 26,200 units . Capcom's GameCube exclusive, Resident Evil Ø fell to #17 on the software sales charts in its third week of release. The game has sold a total of 222,000 copies since its release. Mario...

Capcom's 5 GameCube Games... Exclusive


Capcom's five GameCube games under development at Production Studio 4, including Dead Phoenix, Killer 7, Product Number 3, Resident Evil 4, and Viewtiful Joe, are officially "GameCube exclusives" according to Capcom. As originally thought, all of the titles, with...

Trouble Down Under


Earlier this week, Electronic Arts announced a new price point for all Nintendo GameCube games published by the company in Australia. The move comes in reaction to what EA describes as a lackluster marketing effort for the console by Nintendo in Australia...

Japan Sales Report


Sales of Nintendo GameCube held firm last week at 35,100 units in the face of a PlayStation 2 price cut from ¥26,800 ($216) to ¥23,800 ($192). Capcom's GameCube exclusive, Resident Evil Ø fell to #8 on the software sales charts in its second week of...

A Gift from Nintendo


Santa has come early for North American gamers as Nintendo today announced a one-week GameCube sales promotion allowing customers to find significant savings when purchasing a GameCube console, a WaveBird controller, or any one of a number of...

Nintendo of Canada Offers GameCube Rebates


Nintendo of Canada is giving an early gift to gamers this holiday. Beginning December 4th, ‘Gift of Play’ flyers will be distributed through major daily newspapers and participating retailers. The mail-in rebates will allow consumers to save on any purchase of...

SEGA Unveils SNAP Middleware


Game developers in need of the expertise, technologies, and services to set up network gaming environments for Nintendo GameCube games can now turn to Sega for support. Sega today announced the SEGA Network Application Package, a suite of technologies.

November, 2002

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Japan Sales Report


Heading into the all important holiday season, Nintendo took an early lead this week with extremely impressive hardware sales numbers in Japan. The story of the week was Game Boy Advance. On the release of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, sales of...

New Pictures of Capcom's GameCube Exclusives


Capcom has released new screen shots of the 5 GameCube titles it unveiled last week in Japan. Click over to Capcom's 4th Production Studio site where the new pictures can be found. Look through GameCubicle's archived index of Dead Phoenix, Killer 7...

Metroid Prime Sells 250,000 in First Week


In just the first week of availability, Metroid Prime has sold more than 250,000 copies in North America according to a Nintendo press release. "While Nintendo retains its legacy as the destination of choice for family gamers, we're also making substantial inroads...

Square and Enix Announce Merger


In a deal worth $727 million, Japanese game maker Enix has announce plans to acquire Square Co. Ltd. The companies hope that by combining operations, the resulting firm will be better positioned to compete against the pressures of intense competition...

180 Games, What a Rush


This past October, Nintendo of America announced it would spend $140 million in marketing during the holiday season to support its strongest lineup ever of video games designed for older players. Well tonight, Nintendo's latest campaign targeted...

Videos of Capcom's GameCube Exclusives


Capcom has released video trailers to each of the 5 GameCube titles it unveiled last week in Japan. Look through GameCubicle's updated index of Dead Phoenix, Killer 7, Product Number 3, Resident Evil 4, and Viewtiful Joe information and media...

Zelda: Kaze no Takuto Commercials


With just a few weeks remaining until the release of The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto, Nintendo Co. Ltd. has launched television commercials for the game in Japan. The commercials begin with the audio clip, familiar to all Zelda fans, which indicates...

Nintendo Dominates NBC Today's Toy Test 2002


NBC finally revealed the results of "Today's Toy Test 2002" and GameCube scored quite well. Gamers aged seven and up filled the Pacific Science Center in Seattle to test 73 titles for Today's video game toy test and yielded over 10,000 individual ratings...

Nintendo Unveils GameCube Game Boy Player


In a stunning development, Nintendo this morning unveiled a Game Boy adapter for Nintendo GameCube. The peripheral attaches to the base of the console, connecting to it through GameCube's high speed parallel data port. The Game Boy Adapter accepts...

Legend of Zelda Trailer


With just a few months until the release of GameCube's The Legend of Zelda in North America, Nintendo has unveiled a movie theater trailer for the game. The unusually dark trailer begins with an eerie shot of Hyrule with leaves blowing in the wind. The camera...

Capcom Announces 5 GameCube Exclusives


"For the sound growth of the gaming industry. For GameCube." - reads a message from Capcom's 4th Production Studio dedicated to Nintendo GameCube. At a press conference in Japan today, Capcom announced 5 stunning games in development exclusively...

Zelda Compilation Disc in Japan


For more than a year, gaming sites and boards have been abuzz with rumors of a Zelda compilation disc under development at Nintendo for release on GameCube. According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, a leading gaming publication in Japan, the rumors...

Japan's Stylish GameCube Controllers


Nintendo Co. Ltd. announced new additions to the GameCube controller lineup today. Following the upcoming release of the Platinum GameCube in Japan on December 1st, Nintendo will introduce a Platinum Controller and the never-before-seen Emerald... 

New F-ZERO GC Screens


At this week's Tokyo International Computer Graphics Festival, Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi unveiled the latest build of F-Zero GC. The video displayed a number of races on various levels from the game running at blazingly fast speeds. F-Zero AC (Arcade) and F-Zero GC.

October, 2002

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Nintendo & Starlight Entertain Hospital Children


Nintendo and Starlight Children's Foundation today commemorate their 12-year partnership, plus the millions of smiles generated from the Fun Center program, with the launch of all-new Fun Centers, state-of-the-art mobile entertainment units designed...

ATI Ships 12 Millionth Flipper Chip


ATI today announced the benchmark shipment of 12 million Flipper chips for Nintendo GameCube. The ATI-designed and NEC-manufactured Flipper is GameCube's core graphics processor. Nintendo's best-selling game console enabling software developers...

EXCLUSIVE: Metroid Prime GameCube Bundle


In an effort to attract older gamers and boost holiday sales of Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo will launch a Metroid Prime GameCube bundle promotion in North America in time for the Thanksgiving week retail period. Unlike the pre-assembled Super Mario...

Nintendo Cube Club Hollywood


Nintendo America Inc. has gone platinum, hosting a "platinum-level" Hollywood bash to introduce top celebrities to its wide-ranging holiday video game line-up and new limited-edition platinum Nintendo GameCube system. Last night, stars streamed down...

Nintendo Redefines "T & A" in College Contest


Nintendo redefines "T & A" in an ambitious new marketing effort aimed at generating buzz around Metroid Prime in the college community. From now until November 7th, Nintendo will be accepting entries in the Metroid Prime Talent and Adventure Contest...

Non-Stop Nintendo Nights


Last week, Nintendo announced a decidedly more mature marketing effort this holiday season geared towards older gamers. Today, Nintendo sent out a press release hyping GameCube games geared towards teen and mature gamers. Peter MacDougall, Exec...

Super Mario Sunshine Bundle Pak


You can trim your holiday shopping list and get great savings on Nintendo's hottest wares with the Super Mario Sunshine Bundle Pak. Don't be the gift-giver who gives the "cool toy' without the batteries." Nintendo's got the perfect gift Pak in store for you...

Nintendo's Holiday Marketing Plans


In support of its strongest lineup ever of video games designed for older players, Nintendo of America today announced it will spend $140 million in marketing during the holiday season, a 25-percent hike over last year. Much of the funds will target teen...

Nintendo Earnings Outlook


Nintendo Co. Ltd. today revised downward their earnings estimates for the first half and full fiscal year. Largely because of the continued strength of the Japanese yen, Nintendo lowered their earnings expectations for the six-month period ended September...

DivX for GameCube


DivX technology will soon be coming to GameCube thanks to DivXNetworks and Factor 5. The video compression technology will be offered to GameCube developers through a new SDK and will allow for 'seamless integration' of high quality videos in GameCube...

Nintendo Cube Clubs 2002


Long-time GameCube fans will surely remember the fun-filled Nintendo Cube Clubs of 2001. Well in just a few weeks, Nintendo will reintroduce the Cube Clubs at a number of cities across the United States. From October 17 to December 21, Nintendo, and...

September, 2002

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Microsoft Acquires Rare, Official Statement


"Microsoft Corp. today announced it has purchased U.K.-based Rare Ltd., one of the world's leading video game developers, further demonstrating Microsoft's commitment to providing the most innovative interactive experiences available on its Xbox game..."

Microsoft Acquires Rare (Updated)


Story updated with official comments from Nintendo. In December of 2001, U.K. game developer Rare Ltd. mailed out Christmas cards wishing season's greetings to members of the video game industry. The back of the card featured a a Christmas tree...

IBM Ships 10,000,000th Gekko Processor


IBM announced today that it has shipped 10 million Gekko processors for Nintendo GameCube. Gekko, a customized 485 MhZ PowerPC processor based on IBM's .18 micron technology, is the result of a $1b multi-year contract between Nintendo and IBM...

Nintendo's Official Statement on Rare


Last week, reported the first details of Nintendo's sale of its 49% position Rare Ltd. For the first time ever, Nintendo officially acknowledged the sale in the form of a press release. The full press release follows...

August, 2002

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EW Reviews Mario Sunshine


Leading pop culture magazine, Entertainment Weekly took a look at Mario's latest adventure in the Digital section of its latest issue. While not the most in-depth article, editor Geoff Keighley's review of Nintendo's Super Mario Sunshine is fairly good...

Nintendo's Shining Star


With the coming launch of Super Mario Sunshine, GameCubicle takes a look back at the history of Mario, from Miyamoto's first drawing to the character's domination of the video game world. Few industry icons can claim the multitude of phenomenal successes...

Nintendo's GameCube Commercial (Final Fantasy)


Nintendo has begun to air a stunning new GameCube commercial in Japan featuring a number of the console's greatest games. Included in the ad is the first ever media of Square's Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle. Click through to download the commercial...

Make My Community Shine


In the coming weeks, communities in Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia and Tucson will present a fresh new look with the help of Nintendo and the national youth organization SHiNE. Five artists, inspired by the forthcoming release of Mario's first...

Nintendo's Super Mario Sunshine Interview


Nintendo Co. Ltd. recently held a press conference in Japan where the designers of Super Mario Sunshine including Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka, and Yoshiaki Koizumi, discussed the game's development.'s translation of the interview...

July, 2002

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Super Mario Sunshine Commercial


With under a month left until the launch of Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has begun airing television commercials for the game in North America. The commercial begins with Mario cleaning up garbage in a park. It then cuts to a scene kids skipping over a hill... 

Star Fox Adventures Art


View some beautiful renders of the characters from Star Fox Adventures. The latest in game art includes Fox McCloud, Krystal, Peppy, Fox on a Pterodactyl, the game's logo, and more. Rare has done an incredible job creating the world of Star Fox Adventures...

F-ZERO Screens


Nintendo has finally released high-resolution screens from F-ZERO for Nintendo GameCube. F-Zero AC (Arcade) and F-Zero GC (GameCube) will be jointly developed by Sega's Amusement Vision and Nintendo's EAD. While Amusement Vision...

Platinum GameCube


Last year, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo GameCube in Indigo and Jet Black. Nearly one year later, Nintendo will finally unveil a new color for the GameCube. On November 3rd, a limited edition Platinum GameCube will hit store shelves across North America...

Sunshine GameCube Bundle


Effective October 14th, eager players will be able to purchase an Indigo GameCube with the game they've been thirsting for, Super Mario Sunshine, as well as a Memory Card 59 to save their game progress, in one aggressively priced hardware/software bundle...

New Mario Sunshine Levels


Just yesterday we brought you some great captures from Super Mario Sunshine and today we have even more with screens from never before seen levels. There are a few minor gameplay spoilers in here but nothing too bad. Enjoy...

NOA Executive Promotions


Nintendo of America today announced three senior–level executive promotions. NOA President, Tatsumi Kimishima commented, "Together these executives represent 45 years of service and excellence with Nintendo, underscoring the depth of our...

Mario Sunshine Screens


We have some entirely new screen captures from Super Mario Sunshine this week. Included in the updated image gallery are a number of shots showing off the many functions of Mario's water backpack...

Mario Sunshine Launch Images


Japanese gaming site has photographed the launch of Super Mario Sunshine at a number of cities throughout Japan. At one Japanese retailer, over sixty people lined up before opening to be among the first to get their hands on Sunshine...

Mario Sunshine Packaging (Japan)


With Super Mario Sunshine's Japanese release just hours away, we now have direct scans of the game's final packaging for your viewing pleasure. Imaged below is Super Mario Sunshine's box, manual, and game disc. GameCubicle will have extensive coverage...

GameCubicle Boards


A few weeks ago, began beta testing GameCubicle Boards, a new Internet forum for discussion of Nintendo GameCube. GameCubicle Boards is now final and ready for the masses. We hope to build a very strong community on GameCubicle...

Mario Sunshine Game Art


View some spectacular renders of Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and island locals from Super Mario Sunshine. GameCubicle's latest Mario Sunshine gallery offers the latest art and renders from the game. Be sure to also view the game's screen capture gallery.

June, 2002

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Mario Sunshine Commercial


With under a month to go until the launch of Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has begun airing television commercials for the game in Japan. The commercial begins with Mario using his water backpack to launch into the air and proceeds to show extensive in...

Eternal Darkness Reviews


Eternal Darkness reviews have begun pouring in from across the Internet. IGN Cube gave the game an incredible 9.6; GameSpot has awarded ED a 9.4; has given the game a 9.0. The game has certainly more than lived up to all expectations.

New Super Mario Sunshine Screens!


GameCubicle has even more Super Mario Sunshine screens in the game's gallery. Mario continues to explore the tropical environment and for the first time ever, Mario's look-alike enemy is shown as well as a graffiti "M" that has been painted on the island.

Japan Sales Report


Nintendo sold through 8,500 GameCubes in Japan this week, a significant decline from the 18,700 sold last week when Nintendo lowered GameCube's MSRP by 20%. A lack on any significant new releases on GameCube likely impacted sales. Animal Forest...

E3 Expo Award Winners


The Game Critics Awards are the only independent E3 awards, voted on by editors from nearly 40 leading outlets that cover games, including the top magazines, online sites, newspapers, and television programs. Today revealed the winners...

Japan Sales Report


Nintendo sold through 18,700 GameCubes in Japan this week, an impressive increase over the 5,400 sold just a week before. Meanwhile, GameCube's lower price point made a noticeable impact on sales of PS2, which fell from 60,000 to 49,800, and XBOX... 

WaveBird Marketing Campaign


Nintendo intends to increase ad spending by 25% this fiscal year as it sees through the release of numerous major franchise titles for Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance., the online arm of Advertising Age magazine, recently took...

Link in Soul Calibur 2


GameCube was first unveiled on August 24, 2000 at Nintendo's Space World show in Japan. On this day the world got its first glimpse of GameCube's power via a technical demo featuring Nintendo's greatest characters. Included in the demo was a battle...

Bloomberg on Iwata


Satoru Iwata became president of Nintendo last week when Hiroshi Yamauchi resigned from the position after fifty-two years with the firm. Bloomberg recently took an in-depth look at Nintendo's new leadership and the impact Yamauchi's resignation...

Nintendo Analysts Conference


Satoru Iwata became president of Nintendo last week when Hiroshi Yamauchi resigned from the position after fifty-two years with the firm. Iwata served as Director and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division of Nintendo for two years. Prior to...

Nintendo Game Giants Advertising


At this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo, Nintendo unveiled the first playable versions of their Game Giants video games, the first game case designs for these games, and the first known advertisements as well. GameCubicle has scanned the first...

May, 2002

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GameCube to $149.95!


Less than one year after successfully launching Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo of America is cutting the console's suggested retail price to $149.95, effective May 21, 2002. To date, Nintendo has shipped more than 4.5 million systems worldwide. Peter...

Nintendo WaveBird Launch Details


Nintendo today announced it will release its WaveBird controller on June 10, 2002 with a very affordable $34.95 sticker - two weeks earlier and $5 less than previously announced. The Wavebird controller will be the first wireless controller to be made... 

Nintendo's GameCube Internet Strategy


Nintendo of America today finally unveiled its Internet strategy for their GameCube console. While both Sony and Microsoft have announced online plans for their respective consoles, Nintendo has until now remained silent on the issue. For service...

Europe Launch: Nintendo's Fashion Show


Nintendo made GameCube marketing interesting in Italy just before the console's European launch. Nintendo and fashion-mag Maxime joined forces with designer Marcella Cangia, and presented a range of latex-clothes on the catwalk at a local Cube Club...

Disney All-Stars to GameCube


The details of Konami's deal to publish a series of Disney sports games were finally revealed today by the company. Disney All-Star Sports Basketball, Disney All-Star Sports Football, Disney All-Star Sports Skateboarding, and Disney All-Star Sports...

3DO Becomes Nintendo GameCube Publisher


3DO today announced that it is developing its most popular franchises for the Nintendo GameCube, including Army Men, Cubix Robots for Everyone, High Heat Major League Baseball, Jonny Moseley Mad Trix, and a number of still-secret titles. Juana Tingdale...

Namco Joins Nintendo


Nintendo and Namco have formed a partnership to develop software for Nintendo GameCube and the Triforce arcade board. By the end of 2003, Namco will release six titles for GameCube and eight for Game Boy Advance. Leading Nintendo software... 

Gocen Discusses Launch with Bloomberg


David Gocen, Managing Director of Nintendo's European division, recently discussed GameCube's European launch with Bloomberg. While new information was limited, Gocen offered a few interesting comments in the interview. It's reported that 10,000...

April, 2002

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New Super Mario Sunshine Screens!


New game screens from Super Mario Sunshine were revealed in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. The new screens reveal, for the first time ever, Yoshi's involvement in the game. Mario continues to explore the tropical environment...

March, 2002

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Super Mario Sunshine Screens


Nintendo revealed some brand new game screens from Mario Sunshine today. The new screens reveal Mario hanging from a fence over water, talking with village locals, and using his water backpack to clean up paint that has fallen from the sky.

F-Zero on GameCube & Triforce


In press releases from both Nintendo and Sega, it was just announced that F-Zero will be coming to Nintendo's GameCube console and the Triforce arcade system. Triforce is a 3D computer graphic board for next-generation arcade machines...

Nintendo GameCube Update


The long awaited announcement revealing Nintendo's first-half release schedule has finally come. In a press release issued today, Nintendo revealed the full release details on StarFox Adventures, Eternal Darkness, and the Wavebird Controller...

Square on GameCube, GBA


Some fantastic news to report this evening from Japan. According to the Japanese news publication, Nikkei Net, "Nintendo has agreed to resume procuring the popular "Final Fantasy" video game software for its game consoles from Square Co. after a...

Breaking Mario Golf & Mario Tennis Details!


Camelot Software Planning is currently developing Mario Golf and Mario Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube. Though little is known about the titles, Camelot has commented that they intend to greatly expand the games over their highly acclaimed Nintendo 64...

Nintendo Roundtable


Nintendo luminaries Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata recently took part in a roundtable discussion at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Subjects of discussion included the quality of next-generation games...

Ubi Soft Announces Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc


Ubi Soft today announced plans to release Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc in the U.S. and Europe this fall for all platforms. With more than 10 million copies sold, Rayman is one of Ubi Soft's most popular brands. Created by Ubi Soft Game Creator Michel Ancel...

February, 2002

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Mario Sunshine Screens!


Nintendo revealed some brand new game screens from Mario Sunshine today. The new screens reveal, for the first time ever, Mario using his water backpack to clean up paint that has fallen from the sky. Additionally we see gameplay aspects of Super Mario...

Nintendo Screens Released


Nintendo revealed some brand new game screens from Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness, and Star Fox Adventures to the European press today. Keep in mind that Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime are far from completion...

Nintendo Announces Release Schedule


The long awaited announcement revealing Nintendo's first-half release schedule has finally come. In a press release issued today, Nintendo revealed the full release details on StarFox Adventures, Eternal Darkness, and the Wavebird Controller...

A Rivalry Ends: Mario & Sonic


A legendary rivalry winds to an end this month. Throughout the 90's, the definition of "console war" could be conveyed by displaying just two characters... According to a 1990 survey, Mario was more recognizable among American youths than Mickey Mouse.

January, 2002

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Interview with Nintendo's Iwata


Satoru Iwata, Director and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division of Nintendo Co. Ltd, recently discussed GameCube with Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. Iwata is responsible for Nintendo's global corporate planning. Prior to joining...

GameCube European Launch Details


"May 3 2002 - It's Official" - Nintendo of Europe proudly announced the official European launch date for the Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo will ship 500,000 units in to Europe for day one and a total of 1,000,000 units for the launch period. GameCube will come...

Popular Science on GameCube


Considered, the "What's New" magazine of science and technology, Popular Science covers the latest in aviation, cars, communications, electronics, science, space exploration, tools, and more. In the February issue of Popular Science, editor Steve...

Beautiful Metroid Prime Screens


Take a look at the latest screens from the visually stunning Metroid Prime. The first-person adventure from Nintendo second party Retro Studios is the first in the series to assume a three-dimensional form. Just a few things to take note of while...

Nintendo of America's Greatest Minds


In a rare conference with the media, Nintendo's greatest minds recently discussed Nintendo's latest endeavors. Nintendo of America executives Peter Main, Peter MacDougal, and George Harrison offered  a comprehensive review of GameCube's...

Nintendo's Minoru Arakawa Retires


Minoru Arakawa, President of Nintendo of America for the past 22 years, today announced his retirement effective immediately. After many months of consideration, Arakawa felt the timing was appropriate to turn the office over to new leadership...

European Launch Details TBA


GameCube had to be released in Europe eventually. Next month, Nintendo will finally reveal European GameCube launch details at Milia - one of the largest interactive content conventions in the region.  Nintendo will preview the GameCube alongside...

Consumer Reports on GameCube


A leader in unbiased product and services advice, Consumer Reports is the source of product reviews for over four million subscribers. In the February issue of Consumer Reports, the magazine too a brief look at next generation consoles including the...

December, 2001

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Pikmin in New York


The last time we saw Pikmin take to the streets was in Chicago during Thanksgiving. Well, Nintendo was at it again last weekend, sending Pikmin to New York City during the holidays to help out shoppers. The Pikmin made appearances at FAO Schwartz, Saks...

Nintendo Details International Operations


Nintendo Co. Ltd's Company Earnings Report on 9/30 revealed a very promising expansion of operations. In the worldwide operating chapters section, Nintendo lists its international divisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates. The company now has a total of...

Peter Main on Fox News


Peter Main, Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, recently made an appearance on Fox News Channel's business show, "Your World with Neil Cavuto." If you missed the interview, the following is a transcription by GameCubicle...

Sega Soccer Slam


Sega's Visual Concepts has developed the surprise GameCube exclusive sports title, Sega Soccer Slam. The NBA-Jam style soccer game will entail some very unique characters in 3 on 3 action. Visual Concepts is the company responsible for the NFL... 

Nintendo's 'Grass-Roots' Marketing Efforts


In one of the most bizarre developments we've ever see from Nintendo, the company today announced a promotion with S&G Flowers to create and market a new flower breed to be titled, "The Pikmin Flower." The five-petal flower resembles little Pikmin...

GameCube's Year


As one amazing year for Nintendo winds down, takes a look back at the numbers. In 2001, gamers witnessed the launch of Game Boy Advance and GameCube as well as a number of spectacular titles from Nintendo. However, this analysis...

Nintendo Increases GameCube Forecasts


Nintendo today announced it will be able to increase worldwide shipments of GameCube by 500,000 for business year ending March 2002. The number equates to a full 13% increase over Nintendo's initial manufacturing forecasts and brings the new forecast to...

Yahoo Messenger Melee


Instant Messaging is available through a Super Smash Bros. Melee "IMVironment". Located inside of the message screen, screenshots of the upcoming game that can be previewed and sent with messages, a live countdown...

October, 2001

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Bloomberg Reveals GameCube Launch Details


The North American launch of Nintendo's GameCube console is less than one month away. Nintendo's Vice President of Corporate Affairs took time to mark the one month milestone by sharing quite a number of launch details with Bloomberg. 



Like its brick and mortar counterpart, will soon launch presales of Nintendo's GameCube console. Also up for reserve on October 15th, the details on this bundle are different...

CONFIRMED: Electronics Boutique Pre-Sales


Electronics Boutique will soon launch presales of Nintendo's GameCube console. The word comes from Electronics Boutique managers and employees at a number of locations across the United States. October 15th is the day and the following is the bundle...

Electronics Boutique GameCube Pre-Sales


September 1st. September 17th. October 1st... the list of incorrect rumored Electronics Boutique GameCube preorder dates is long and depressing. recently received word of yet another rumored date for EB presales...

Nintendo's Gyration


Throughout the years, a company by the name of Nintendo has been credited time and again for creating hardware and software innovations that forever changed the course of home console and handheld gaming. While industry-changing software creations...

GameCube Travels in Style


GameCubicle gives you a first glimpse of the stylish cases that one day soon will facilitate transport of Nintendo's new gaming console. The cases are manufactured by BD&A - a merchandising and marketing firm. is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
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