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GameCubicle has learned the release dates of Nintendo's current 2003 GameCube lineup. Thus far, only Wario World, Mario Golf, and F-Zero have received firm dates.
North American release dates for Pikmin 2, Kirby's Air Ride, 1080: Avalanche, and Mario Kart remain tentative but are currently scheduled as listed below. Expect Nintendo to announce more accurate release dates at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next month.

Nintendo's 2003 Release Schedule
Title Genre Release
Wario World Action Jun.  23
Mario Golf Sports Jul.  28
F-Zero GC Racing Aug.  25
Pikmin 2 Strategy Aug.  ??
Kirby's Air Ride Racing Sep.  ??
1080: Avalanche Sports Oct.  ??
Mario Kart Racing Nov.  ??

April 15, 2003

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