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Nintendo recently announced it will release its WaveBird controller on June 10, 2002 with a very affordable $34.95 sticker - two weeks earlier and $5 less than previously announced. The Wavebird controller will be the first wireless controller to be made standard by a console manufacturer. The controller's title lends itself to GameCube's original "Dolphin" project name.

The same size of the standard GameCube controller, the WaveBird has a slightly extended lower end to accommodate two 'AA' batteries that provide more than one hundred game play hours of wireless control. The RF standard enables the wireless connection to stand true - even under the covers or behind a wall. With sixteen different channel frequencies, four WaveBird controllers can easily hook up to a single machine, enabling a totally cordless multiplayer experience.

Peter MacDougall, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America commented, "Nintendo always strives to improve the players gaming experience. The WaveBird controller, with its new lower price point, exemplifies our commitment, allowing players to get comfortable and enjoy new freedom, while still being connected to the on-screen action." The controller's RF signal is reliable for up to six meters - an impressive benchmark in wireless controllers.

With the announcement of WaveBird's new launch date and price, Nintendo of America today lowered the MSRP on GameCube's standard controller to $24.95 effective immediately. The $10 cut should make GameCube all the more attractive to price-conscious consumers. Additional information of all of Nintendo's GameCube controllers can be found in GameCubicle's hardware section.

May 14, 2002

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