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GB Advance


Last year, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo GameCube in Indigo and Jet Black. Nearly one year later, Nintendo will finally unveil a new color for the GameCube. On November 3rd, a limited edition Platinum GameCube will hit store shelves across North America. The move comes following the overwhelming market response to the Platinum Edition of the handheld Game Boy Advance. The Platinum Edition Nintendo GameCube will come packed in with a controller of the same color and carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $149.95.  

This announcement from Nintendo of America comes alongside news
of a Super Mario Sunshine GameCube bundle due for release on October 14th. With the introduction of these news systems alongside the release of Nintendo's top franchises, the company appears well prepared to dominate this holiday season.

Long-time GameCube fans will remember when the console was first unveiled at Nintendo's SpaceWorld 2000 in five unique colors including black, gold, indigo, pink, and silver. Before the final launch colors were announced, gaming site polled nearly 14,000 individuals and found that the most desired GameCube color was silver with an overwhelming 42% of all votes. Platinum will likely please quite a few Nintendo fans later this year.

July 24, 2002

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