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Nintendo's Shining Star

With the launch of Super Mario Sunshine, GameCubicle takes a look back at the history of Mario, from Miyamoto's first drawing to the character's domination of the video game world. Few industry icons can claim the multitude of phenomenal successes...

Forbes: A Disgrace to Gaming Journalism

It wasn't long ago that one could look at the name "Forbes" and anticipate respectable, honest, and accurate business journalism. The company's reputation as a reliable news source and purveyor of educated business analysis is put into question. Forbes...

GameCube's Delay Explained

Nintendo recently announced at Space World that the highly anticipated launch of their GameCube console in North America would be delayed until Sunday, November 18th. After some time to consider the situation, we offer this collection of known facts...

GameCube: Guaranteed Success?

Nintendoís distinguished 8-bit NES sold over 60 million units and is recognized as the companyís most successful home game console, having once dominated nearly 90% of its market. The following is an outline of the five primary areas in which GameCube excels. 

Steven Kent: Loving GameCube?

Author of The First Quarter, and a contributing editor for MSNBC, Seattle Times, and NextGen Magazine, Kentís satisfaction with the system was made known through numerous publications and echoed by the mainstream media. It was just last year... is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
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