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Title Publisher Genre Release
Action Replay Datel Accessory Mar. 25
Army Men Air Combat: The Elite 3D0 Action Mar. 25
Dakar 2 Acclaim Sports Mar. 25
Top Anglar Xicat Sports Mar. 25
Def Jam Vendetta Electronic Arts Action Apr. 01
Red Faction II THQ FPS Apr. 01
Backyard Baseball Infogrames Sports Apr. 08
Splinter Cell Ubi Soft Action Apr. 08
BattleBots THQ Fighting Apr. 14
Army Men: Sarge's War 3D0 Action Apr. 15
Ikaruga Infogrames Shooter Apr. 15
Conflict: Desert Storm Gotham Action Apr. 15
Rally Championship Encore Sports Apr. 15
Tube Slider NEC Racing Apr. 15
X2 Wolverine's Revenge Activision Action Apr. 16
Shrek Super Party TDK Action Apr. 22
NBA Street Vol. 2 Electronic Arts Sports Apr. 28
High Heat Baseball 2004 3D0 Sports Apr. 29
Rally Championship Encore Racing Apr. ??
Burnout 2 Acllaim Racing May. 01
Finding Nemo THQ Action May. 05
Lost Kingdoms II Activision RPG May. 13
Enter the Matrix Infogrames Action May. 14
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Eidos Shooter May. 15
Wario World Nintendo Action May. 23
GameCube Game Boy Player Nintendo Accessory May. 26
City Racer Ubi Soft Sports May. 27
The Hulk Universal Action May. 27
Sonic Adventure DX Sega Action May. ??
Chessmaster Ubi Soft Strategy Jun. 02
Cubix Robots for Everyone 3D0 Action Jun. 02
Ultimate Muscle Bandai Sports Jun. 02
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Ubi Soft RPG Jun. 03
Freestyle Metal X Midway Sports Jun. 03
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Ubi Soft RPG Jun. 03
SX Superstar Acclaim Sports Jun. 03
Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Crave Shooter Jun. 10
Sonic Adventure DX Sega Adventure Jun. 10
Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes Infogrames RPG Jun. 17
HARDWARE: GCN Game Boy Player Nintendo Hardware Jun. 23
Freestyle Metal X Midway Action Jun. 23
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ubi Soft Action Jun. 24
Army Men: RTS 3D0 Action Jun. 24
Street Racing Syndicate 3D0 Sports Jun. 24
Jacked 3D0 Sports Jun. 24
Charlie's Angels Ubi Soft Action Jun. 25
Freaky Fliers Midway Simulation Jun. 26
XGRA Acclaim Racing Jul. 08
Mario Golf Nintendo Sports Jul. 28
Pitfall Harry Activision Action Aug. 05
Gladius LucasArts Fighting Aug. 11
F-ZERO Nintendo Racing Aug. 25
Soul Calibur 2 Namco Fighting Aug. 25
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Infogrames Action Aug. 26
Pikmin 2 Nintendo Strategy Aug. ??
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Natsume RPG Sep. 01
NFL Blitz Pro Midway Sports Sep. 02
True Crimes: Streets of LA Activision Action Sep. 02
Disney's Extreme Skate Activision Sports Sep. 02
Product Number 03 Capcom Action Sep. 02
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Ubi Soft Shooter Sep. 09
Armada 2: Star Command Metro 3D Simulation Sep. 15
Gladius LucasArts Action / RPG Sep. 15
Celebrity Deathmatch Gotham Fighting Sep. 16
XIII Ubi Soft Shooter Sep. 16
NHL Hitz Pro Midway Sports Sep. 22
The Hobbit Universal RPG Sep. 23
Kirby's Air Ride Nintendo Action Sep. ??
Enclave Vivendi Action Oct. 01
Espionage Midway Action Oct. 01
NARC Midway Action Oct. 01
Spy Hunter 2 Midway Racing Oct. 01
The Suffering Midway Action Oct. 04
Barbie Treasure in Time Knowledge Action Oct. 07
NBA Ballers Midway Sports Oct. 07
Pitfall Harry Activision Action Oct. 07
Viewtiful Joe Capcom Action Oct. 08
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3D0 Fighting Oct. 31
Army Men: Platoon Command 3D0 Action Oct. 31
1080 Avalanche Nintendo Sports Oct. ??
Cat in the Hat Knowledge Fighting Nov. 04
Driver 3 Infogrames Racing Nov. 04
Urban Freestyle Soccer Acclaim Sports Nov. 10
Crash Nitro Cart Universal Platform Nov. 11
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Ubi Soft Shooter Nov. 18
Starcraft Ghost Universal Strategy Nov. 18
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Square RPG Nov. ??
Mario Kart Nintendo Racing Nov. ??

Title Publisher Genre Release
Accelleration Xicat Racing TBA '03
Alias Acclaim Action TBA '03
Animal Crossing 2 Nintendo RPG TBA '03
Animaniacs Conspiracy Ent. Adventure TBA '03
Baten Kaitos Namco RPG TBA '03
Bomberman Jetters Hudson Action TBA '03
Camelot's RPG Nintendo RPG TBA '03
Crank the Weasel Midway Adventure TBA '03
Darkened Sky ? (Merscom) Adventure TBA '03
Dead Phoenix Capcom Shooter TBA '03
Disney's Magical Park Hudson Action TBA '03
Dinotopia TDK Action TBA '03
Dora the Explorer New Kid Co. Action TBA '03
Drome Racers Electronic Arts Racing TBA '03
Extreme Downhill Racing Acclaim Racing TBA '03
F1 Career Challenge Electronic Arts Racing TBA '03
Fantastic Four Activision Action TBA '03
Fireblade Midway Simulation TBA '03
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3DO Adventure TBA '03
Galleon: Islands of Mystery Interplay Adventure TBA '03
Game Zero (Zoonami) Nintendo Unknown TBA '03
Giftpia Skip RPG TBA '03
Gladiator: The Crimson Reign Midway Action TBA '03
HAL's Secret Project Nintendo Unknown TBA '03
Hidden Invasion Swing! Ent. Action TBA '03
I Gladiator Acclaim Fighting TBA '03
Jonny Moseley Mad Trix 3DO Sports TBA '03
Kao the Kangaroo 2 Titus Action TBA '03
Knight Rider Universal Racing TBA '03
Madden NFL 2004 Electronic Arts Sports TBA '03
Mafia Gathering of Dev. Action TBA '03
Mage BAM RPG TBA '03
Mario 128 Nintendo Unknown TBA '03
Mario Tennis Nintendo Sports TBA '03
Mary Kate and Ashley: Tropical Trouble Acclaim Adventure TBA '03
Mega Man Network Transmission Capcom Platform TBA '03
Mr. Driller Drill Land Namco Puzzle TBA '03
Nintendo Puzzle Collection Nintendo Puzzle TBA '03
Phantasy Star Online: Card Battle Sega RPG TBA '03
Pillage Zed Two Action TBA '03
Pokemon GC Nintendo Unknown TBA '03
Ridge Racer Next Namco Racing TBA '03
RISK Infogrames Board TBA '03
Saffire Saffire Action TBA '03
Sega's Secret Project Sega Unknown TBA '03
Shade Metro 3D Action TBA '03
Sonic Adventure 3 Sega Action TBA '03
Speed Kings Acclaim Racing TBA '03
Sphinx THQ Adventure TBA '03
Star Wars Rogue Leader III LucasArts Action TBA '03
Tales of Symphonia Namco RPG TBA '03
The Settlers V Ubi Soft Strategy TBA '03
Title Defense Climax Sports TBA '03
Too Human Nintendo Action TBA '03
Twin Calibur Majesco Shooter TBA '03
Rogue Spear Ubi Soft Action TBA '03
Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory Take-Two Action TBA '03
Soul Fighter Swing! Ent. Action TBA '03
Spirits and Spells DreamCatcher Platformer TBA '03
SX Superstar Acclaim Sports TBA '03
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami Action TBA '03
The Matrix Interplay Action TBA '03
The Powerpuff Girls BAM! Ent. Action TBA '03
Thornado LucasArts Action TBA '03
Virtua Fighter Quest Sega Adventure TBA '03
Winning Eleven 6 Konami Sports TBA '03
X-Men Legends Activision Action TBA '03
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forcebound Kingdom Konami RPG TBA '03
Killer 7 Capcom Action TBA '04
Marionette Nintendo Unknown TBA '04
Metroid Prime 2 Nintendo Adventure TBA '04
Pichu Bros. Party Panic Nintendo Party TBA '04
Resident Evil 4 Capcom Adventure TBA '04
Roll-o-Rama Nintendo Puzzle TBA '??

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