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GB Advance


March, 2003


The Wind Waker Art


Collection of stylish hand-drawn art from the just-released GameCube blockbuster, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Featured character art includes Aryll, Kalle Demos, Komori, Medli, Sotoko, Tetra, Valoo, Zephos, and of course Link. 

ESPionage Gameplay Videos


Midway Games recently announced development of ESPionage, a psychic combat game, for all current-generation consoles. ESPionage the first game to integrate traditional weapons combat with extensive use of psychic mind control powers. Today, Midway released a number of videos demonstrating these mind control powers: Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Mind Control, Remote Viewing, and Mind Drain.

Spy Hunter 2 Details


Midway Games today formally announced SpyHunter 2, a high-speed, mission-based, action/combat racing game. The game will feature all-new vehicle transformations such as an off-road 4-wheel drive vehicle, an off-road motorcycle, and a snow ski...

Enter the Matrix Trailer


"Merciless Agents stalk your every move. You defy gravity and break all the rules.  How far down does the rabbit hole go? Are you ready to find out? Are you ready to Enter The Matrix?" Developed by Shiny Entertainment, Enter the Matrix features impressive gunplay, spectacular martial arts, and driving stunts that bend the rules of the Matrix. The fleshed out game trailer shows off many of these gameplay elements. Enter the Matrix is set to release on May 15th, alongside The Matrix Reloaded.

Product Number 03 Screens


New screens and media showing off the beautiful graphical elements of Product Number 3. P.N. 03 is an action game starring Vanessa Z. Schneider, a female soldier with a dark history who possesses a powerful laser gun who is hired to kill robots...

Midway Announces ESPionage


Midway Games today announced that development of ESPionage, a psychic combat game, for Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. ESPionage challenges players to use their most powerful weapon - their mind - as they master the action/stealth...

Splinter Cell Trailer


A new video of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell running on GameCube hardware has been released courtesy of The video shows off the game's impressive graphics and intricate gameplay elements. Splinter Cell will be released on April 8th, 2003.

Burnout 2 to Release Early


Burnout 2, Criterion's highly anticipated racer, will ship nearly one month early according to Acclaim. Burnout 2 for GameCube is now set to release on April 8th. The game will feature game play vastly improved over the original, new game modes, fourteen new vehicles, thirty stages, and even more insane crashes. Definitely keep an eye on this one.

Splinter Cell Screens


Ubi Soft today unveiled the additional screens of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell running on GameCube hardware. The game is looking extremely sharp. Splinter Cell will be released on Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance on April 8th, 2003...

Splinter Cell to Release Early


Ubi Soft today announced that Splinter Cell will ship for Nintendo GameCube on April 8th, a month earlier than originally scheduled and alongside the game's PlayStation 2 release. The Game Boy Advance version will be released on April 24th.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Releases


The most timeless tale of good versus evil in the world of video games returns with the launch of the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker exclusively for Nintendo GameCube. Thousands of Nintendo fans lined up at game retailers across... 

GameCube Release Dates Update


GameCubicle's release list has been updated with the latest dates available for all upcoming Nintendo GameCube games. A number of new titles have been added to the list, including some yet-to-be-announced titles.

Factor 5 Developing Rogue Squadron III


After more than a year of speculation and curiosity, Factor 5's secret project has finally been revealed. Electronics Gaming Monthly has confirmed that Factor 5's secret GameCube title - under development for some time - is Star Wars Rogue Squadron III.

Red Faction II Screens


THQ recently released new Red Faction II media running on GameCube hardware. The game features custom animations, improved texture resolution and color, as well as enhanced lighting specific to the GameCube hardware. RF II is set to release on April 1st.

Wind Waker Bundle for Europe


Nintendo is set to release a limited edition Zelda Bundle Pak accompanying the launch of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in Europe. The bundle contains The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Master Quest, and...

Argos Reduces GameCube to 79; "Unbelievable" Demand


Argos, a UK-based retailer and cataloger, recently reduced the price of Nintendo GameCube to 79 ($124) from 129 ($202) and began offering a free memory card with each system sold. This followed a similar reduction in GameCube's retail price to 99 by UK consumer electronics leader, Dixons Group. The heavy discounting came as Argos wished to clear excess GameCube inventory and reevaluate the market for the console. According to Paul Geddes, marketing director at Argos, customer response was unprecedented. "We've struggled to keep up but cleared much of our overstock. It's been an unbelievable increase in demand. The previous Saturday we sold 100, this Saturday this leapt to almost 5,000."

Product Number 03 'Butt Shaking' Trailer


Capcom has released a new trailer to Product Number 03 highlighting the shaking ass of  P.N. 03 heroine, Vanessa Z. Schneider. The very stylistic video also shows off Vanessa's numerous suits as well as the acrobatic skills she uses throughout the game.

Sonic Advance DX Details


At a recent promotional event held by Sega in Tokyo, Sonic Team's Yuji Naka revealed to Famitsu a few details regarding Sonic Advance DX for Nintendo GameCube. According to Naka, Sonic Adventure DX will include all Sonic titles from Sega's handheld Game Gear system. Naka went on to comment, "There are so many that I almost wanted to make it Sonic Mega Collection 2." Sonic Adventure DX, a port of the highly-acclaimed Dreamcast title, will feature improved graphics, enhanced audio, and Game Boy Advance connectivity. Sonic Adventure DX is set to hit retail shelves this May.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles


Direct screen captures of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles have been released, displaying the games unique graphical design. Developed by Game Designers' Studio, Crystal Chronicles is set to be released in Japan on July 18th and later this year in the U.S.

GameCube Sales up 110% in February


According to NPD, more than 165,000 GameCubes were sold in North America in February. The sales increase of nearly 110% over January figures is attributed to the strength of Nintendo's free game bundle, which began on February 9th. Despite the significant boost, GameCube was edged out by Xbox in February sales and still far from the ever-dominant PlayStation 2.

Wind Waker Site Relaunched


Nintendo has relaunched the official Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker site with loads of game information, screens, movies, mini-games and wallpapers. The extremely well designed site also takes visitors through the game's legend, cast, arsenal, and worlds.

Mario Golf to Release in July


Nintendo of America today announced the official release date for Mario Golf. Camelot's highly-anticipated GameCube sports title is set to release in North America on July 28th. Camelot has commented that they intend to greatly expand the game over its acclaimed Nintendo 64 predecessor. Reports suggest that the game has recently undergone a significant graphical overhaul. However, since the game was first unveiled last year, very few details have been released.

600,000 Copies of Wind Waker Pre-Ordered


Nintendo of America today announced that more than 600,000 gamers in North America have reserved their copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and received the "nearly sold-out" limited-edition Ocarina of Time and Master Quest bonus disc.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Release Date


Square has announced that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will release on July 18th in Japan. According to Famitsu, further details will be announced by Square in May. North American release details have yet to be announced but a Fall release is expected.

NEC Officially Announces Tube Slider


NEC Interchannel, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, today announced Tube Slider, a futuristic racing game developed exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. Tube Slider is under development by NDCUBE, a Nintendo second-party developer formed through a joint venture between Nintendo and leading Japanese advertising firm, Dentsu. Tube Slider is a futuristic racing game in which players pilot hovercraft around tubular tracks that twist and turn in a test test of not only speed, but also ability to keep the craft in control. Players may choose between Grand Prix or Free Run modes with fifteen different vehicles around ten unique and highly detailed elevated courses. The game features multiplayer modes for up to four players. NDCUBE Co., Ltd. is an official . Clint Kurahashi, executive vice president of NEC Interchannel comments, "We're thrilled to be working with a developer that has the experience and pedigree of NDCUBE. Tube Slider is an excellent first entry to what will be a great lineup from NEC." Tube Slider is set to ship for Nintendo GameCube in April, 2003. 

RTX Red Rock Cancelled


LucasArts today confirmed that development of RTX Red Rock for Nintendo GameCube has ceased as the developer focuses its efforts exclusively on the PlayStation 2 version of the title. Meanwhile, LucasArts' action-RPG, Gladius, is on schedule to release on GameCube in August. The company also went on to say that gamers can expect a major announcement to be made in coming weeks relating to a new GameCube title.

Nintendo of Europe Launches 20m GameCube Promotion


Nintendo of Europe today announced a 20 million GameCube sales promotion to accompany the launch of Game Boy Advance SP in Europe on March 28th. The first 400,000 Game Boy Advance SP sold in Europe will include a 50 GameCube discount...

Splinter Cell Screens


Ubi Soft today unveiled the first screens of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell running on GameCube hardware. The game is looking extremely sharp. Splinter Cell will be released on Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance on May 6th, 2003...

Splinter Cell GCN-GBA Connectivity Details


Ubi Soft's highly acclaimed Splinter Cell will be released simultaneously on Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance on May 6th, 2003. According to Ubi Soft, the games will include connectivity elements including access to unique content and capabilities...

560,000 Copies of Wind Waker Pre-Ordered


Nintendo of America today announced that more than 560,000 gamers in North America have reserved their copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for Nintendo GameCube and received the "nearly sold-out" limited-edition disc including The Legend...

Dixons Reduces GameCube to 99; Future Support in Question


UK-based consumer electronics leader, Dixons Group, today announced the reduction of Nintendo GameCube's retail price to 99 ($159) from 129 ($206) in Dixons, Currys, and PC World stores in the United Kingdom. The promotion comes as sales of Nintendo GameCube continue to lag PlayStation 2 and Xbox in Europe. Dixons has stated that support for the GameCube format will depend on resulting sales - "It really depends on customer demand." However, one reported memo from Dixons subsidiary PC World stated that the retailer was beginning to clear out the platform from stores. A Nintendo spokesperson stated the company was "continuing to actively trade with Dixons," calling Dixons discounting of GameCube hardware a "retailer initiative."

F-ZERO and Wario World Delayed


Originally scheduled to release in North America on June 23rd, F-Zero GC has apparently been delayed until August 25th according to Taking its place, Wario World, which was scheduled to release in May, will now release on June 23rd.

Gunpei Yokoi Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award


The International Game Developers Association has recognized legendary game developer Gunpei Yokoi for the innovative work he produced during his career. Yokoi was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards...

Game Developers Choice Awards; Metroid Prime wins GOTY


The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) named recipients of the Game Developers Choice Awards last night at the 3rd annual ceremony during the 2003 Game Developers Conference (GDC)  in San Jose, California. The Choice Awards are true peer...

Capcom Releases New Product Number 03 Trailer


Capcom has released a new trailer to the anticipated action game, Product Number 03. P.N. 03 stars Vanessa Z. Schneider, a female soldier with a dark history who possesses a powerful laser gun. When a colonial settlement turns into a killing field after a CAMS...

Eidos Reports Earnings; Italian Job for GameCube


European developer and publisher, Eidos today reported earnings for the second half of 2002. Operating profit for the period was 5.4 million ($8.6m), marking a return to profitability for the company. Eidos' key H2 2002 titles, including Hitman 2 and TimeSplitters 2, performed very strongly with sales in excess of one million units each during the period. Looking forward, Eidos announced development of The Italian Job for all next-generation console. The game will likely be based on the 2003 remake of the 1969 action film and the Rockstar Games PlayStation title - all by the same name. 

Electronic Arts and Nintendo "Connect"


Electronic Arts today announced a partnership with Nintendo to incorporate exclusive GCN-GBA connectivity features in EA's upcoming GameCube games. The creative effort will be led by Electronic Arts, with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, providing input on...

ATI and Nintendo in Technology Development Agreement


ATI Technologies announced today that it has entered into a technology development agreement with Nintendo. Under the agreement, ATI and Nintendo are developing technologies for use in Nintendo products. No other details regarding the nature of this...

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


Ubi Soft today announced development of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for all next-generation consoles. Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia, is working hand in hand on the latest title in the series with Ubi Soft's Montreal production studio, most...

New Red Faction II Media


THQ recently released new Red Faction II media running on GameCube hardware. Featuring an enhanced Geo-Mod engine that allows players to strategically alter and destroy the game environment in real-time, Red Faction II expands and builds upon...

Ghouls 'N Ghosts Online


Capcom today announced they have licensed technology from Zona Inc. to support massive multiplayer online gaming in the upcoming Ghouls 'N Ghosts. The game, which is described as a classic "save the princess" adventure, is currently under development by...

Medal of Honor Rising Sun Announced


Electronic Arts today announced development of Medal of Honor Rising Sun for Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Set for the first time in the Pacific Theatre of Operations from 1941-1944, Medal of Honor Rising Sun gives players a sense of the courage it took to fight the Japanese from Pearl Harbor to the shores of the Philippine Islands. Players will assume the role of Marine Corporal Joseph Griffin, as he survives the attack on Pearl Harbor, leads the assault of Guadalcanal, and finally rescues his brother from a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines. Armed with his wits and a variety of authentic weapons, it's up to players to stop the Japanese war machine in its tracks. Players can even team up with a friend in the all-new co-op multiplayer mode to battle the Japanese forces. Along the way, players will earn awards and medals for their meritorious service in defeating the enemy. Metal of Honor Rising Sun is set to release on Nintendo GameCube in Fall of 2003.

300,000 Copies of Wind Waker Pre-Ordered


George Harrison, Senior VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Nintendo of America, noted today that more than 300,000 gamers in North America have already reserved their copy of the The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Through Nintendo's official pre-order promotion, which officially began on February 16th, gamers who pre-order The Wind Waker at participating retailers will receive a limited-edition disc including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Master Quest.

Reuters: As Partners Step Back, Nintendo Embarks on Quest 


Reuters has jumped on the "Nintendo is in trouble" article bandwagon, releasing a story today highlighting some of Nintendo's recent troubles. Author Ben Berkowitz notes, "Sales of [Nintendo's] GameCube console are flagging; partners are pulling away and rivals...

D.I.C.E. Summit Roundtable


Nintendo luminaries Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma recently took part in a roundtable discussion at the D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Subjects of discussion included The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, and HAL Laboratories, to Miyamoto's new dog...

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