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Below are a number of Nintendo-related "buddy icons" that can be used in AOL Instant Messenger. Make sure AOL IM ( download here ) is open and simply click on the icon you would like to make your buddy icon! If for some reason this does not work, you can select an image as your buddy icon by doing the following: Right click on the image and save it to your computer. Then select My AIM: Edit Options: Edit Preferences from the AOL IM program. Click the Buddy Icon tab and then Browse PC find the image and Select it. This should work.

Link Raccoon Mario Link Slash Zelda
Yoshi Zelda Fire Mario Raccoon Mario

The above icons were compiled by GameCubicle. Many thanks go to Hologram at GSA for the very skilled captures. Expect many more icons that you won't find anywhere else to arrive in the future. Please refrain from duplicating these buddy icons on other Web Sites!

Zelda Buddy Mega Man Duck Hunt Kill Mario
Dog Hunt Kill Bowser Luigi Buddy Mario Buddy
Dog Hunt Kill Bowser Luigi Buddy Mario Buddy
Pikachu Buddy Pika Bounce Pika Balance Pika Sleep

Thanks to for some of the above AOL IM Buddy Icons.

Credit to Jeff Grill for the Duck Hunt icon. is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
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