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As one amazing year for Nintendo winds down, takes a look back at the numbers. In 2001, gamers witnessed the launch of Game Boy Advance and GameCube as well as a number of spectacular titles from Nintendo. However, this analysis focuses on GameCube's North American results.

On November 18th, Nintendo launched its long awaited GameCube video game console. With a sticker price of $199.95, GameCube became available at the lowest price Nintendo has ever launched a console (inflation adjusted). By some estimates, 310,000 of the 740,000 GameCubes available at launch were sold on the first day. By the end of the week, Nintendo reported sales of over half a million systems.

Since the console's tremendous launch, Nintendo has provided 100,000 additional units each week to North America. As of December 10, 750,000 GameCubes have been sold in North America. The following is GameCubicle's North American GameCube Sales projection for this year. 

By the end of the year, Nintendo anticipates a North American GameCube allocation of 1.3 million consoles. It's not known where Japan's revised yearend allocation stands. With an eye on next year, Nintendo estimates international sales will total 4,500,000 by March 2002.

Not to completely leave Japan out in the cold... When GameCube launched in Japan on September 14th, it was greeted by moderate crowds and lackluster sales. The causes included a noticeable lack of a true system-seller, very few launch titles, and the international tragedy which occurred just days before that muted enthusiasm. Nintendo reported that just 300,000 of the 450,000 GameCube units available at launch were sold during the first weekend. Later game releases such as Pikmin helped push sales over the following weeks. On November 21st GameCube was released in Japan in both Jet Black and Spice colors in the homeland along side Super Smash Bros. The second launch of sorts was met by considerable interest and sales of 147,000 GameCubes in just one week. Entering December, 475,000 GameCubes have been sold in Japan giving Nintendo about 14% of the next-generation console market - currently including only PS2 and GCN. GameCube will likely finish the year with sales of 600,000 units in Japan.

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