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Nintendo GameCube


CPU Speed: 485 MHz

MSRP: $149.99

PlayersUp to 4

A dedicated game play system, Nintendo GameCube delivers new forms of interactive fun for players and offers the easiest development environment for game creators. The system's embedded memory, proprietary optical disc and innovative controller were designed to optimize the game play experience. Nintendo GameCube is available in two colors: Jet (black) and Indigo (violet) for a suggested retail price of $199.95.

Box Includes: System, 1 Nintendo Controller, AV Multi Cable, AC Power Cord, Manuals

Jet Black







LA Times:

"Nintendo GameCube: Nintendo knows games. With the demise this year of Sega as a hardware company, Nintendo is now the wise old man of video game consoles. The company thinks it can teach the upstarts a thing or two by focusing its GameCube console solely on games. Purely as a game machine, GameCube gives players a sweet, fast ride. Honestly, GameCube does what it does so well that most people will never even notice the things it does not do... The machine screams. The base processor is a modified PowerPC chip from IBM and the graphics system was designed in conjunction with ATI. 

GameCube's big question is whether historically finicky Nintendo will keep up a fast enough pace of games to sate hungry gamers. Third-party developers already have promised a slate of good games, but the draw with Nintendo's system has always been the company's home-grown offerings... GameCube is pretty close to perfect - for what it does. It's a sweet no-frills game machine with a wholesome lineup of games waiting to put its impressive technical muscles through a workout." - read gamecube review
"The majority of the designers I’ve spoken with echo Nintendo’s position — GameCube, which will be released in the United States Nov. 18, has more than enough power and is easy to program. Amazingly, it does this for $100 less than PlayStation 2 or Xbox... Powerful, relatively inexpensive and easy to program, GameCube enters the market with lots of strengths and a few marks against it. Hold on to your hats, gamers! The next few years are going to be fun." - read gamecube review

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