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Logitech Speed Force

Manufacturer: InterAct List Price: $29.99
Features: Lap Attachment; Rubber Grip; Analog Gas & Brake

Step up to a more exciting, more realistic driving experience with your Nintendo GameCube. The officially licensed Logitech Speed Force Accessory Pack connects to your Logitech Speed Force steering wheel to let you burn around the track like a pro. Included in the Accessory Pack are gas and brake pedals mounted on a non-slip base, and a comfortable lap attachment so you can play from your sofa or easy chair-away from a desk or table.


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V-Thunder Racing Wheel

Manufacturer: InterAct List Price: $29.99
Features: 8.5" Wheel; Rubber Grip; Analog Gas & Brake

Just because the box is small doesn't mean that the V-Thunder isn't equipped with all the great features of a high-end wheel. Designed for the GameCube, this wheel features pressure sensitive analog gas and brake pedals, rubber grips and analog hand paddles to give maximum control. The small diameter wheel makes the V-Thunder easy to store or transport to a friend's house.


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