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To make your system purchasing experience as easy as possible, we outlined a few steps that should help you out.

GameCube boasts an incredible selection of games, impressive graphics, online multiplayer support, and is very portabe. The hardware retails for $99.99.

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GameCube comes with one controller. Four controllers may be connected. Having at least one extra controller is a must. Consider the Nintendo WaveBird, a wireless controller.

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There's not much to do with your system if you don't have any games! Visit our games section for a complete list of popular GameCube titles... here are some games we recommend.

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You will definitely want to pick up some accessories to get the most of your system (memory cards,  optional audio video cables, modems and broadband adapters, portable screens, etc).

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That's it! You should now have all the essentials to a great home console setup. Make sure to pick up the extras as you need them (light guns, keyboards, driving wheels, cases etc.).

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