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What is the Nintendo GameCube?

Originally referred to as "Project Dolphin," GameCube is Nintendo's next generation 128-bit video game console.

When was the GameCube first unveiled?

The GameCube was first unveiled on August 24th, the day before Nintendo's Spaceworld 2000 show in Japan. On this day Project Dolphin became "GAMECUBE" and the world got its first glimpse of the system, controller, peripherals, and actual game video - Metroid, Zelda, Luigi's Mansion, and Waverace were just a few of the demos to amaze onlookers. Atlantis was also unveiled as the Game Boy Advance that very same day at Spaceworld 2000 as well.
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Spaceworld 2000Spaceworld 2000


"GameCube" or "Gamecube"?

The next generation Nintendo console, Game%$#& what? Nintendo is very specific as to the correct and incorrect ways of spelling the new system's name and abbreviations. While we, like most of you, are content with "GameCube," Nintendo prefers references to the system to make a preceding mention of the company name. The official spellings of the console name are "NINTENDO GAMECUBE" and "Nintendo GameCube" (proper abbreviation, "GCN"). To be crystal clear on all levels...




Nintendo GameCube

Game Cube; Gamecube


Cube; N3; N-Cube

What does the GameCube cost?

The official price of the system as suggested by Nintendo is $199.99 in North America. In Europe the system price is also the equivalent of $???.99. By comparison, the price for the GCN in Japan is ??,?00 yen or about $???-$???.

What medium are GameCube software titles stored on?

GameCube utilizes a mini-DVD format with a storage capacity of 1.5 GB. 

Why doesn't the GameCube have a modem?

Nintendo decided to ship the system without a modem attached. Instead, users have the option of purchasing a slow 56k modem or a high speed DSL or Cable modem for the system. This enables users to chose the connection method that is best for them... leaving a user base that is not biased towards a slow connection that is not as effective for online multiplayer games

What's included in the box when I buy a GameCube?

Included in the box with your GameCube is: 1 GameCube Console, 1 Controller, 1 Power Cord, (more as information develops).

Is the GameCube backwards compatible with N64 games?

No. The GameCube runs on a mini-DVD medium while the Nintendo 64 was a cartridge based system. With far more developers signed up for the GameCube than ever were signed up for the N64, is backwards compatibility really wanted? GameCube presents a dramatic leap in capability and such a great difference in hardware, backwards compatibility just isn't worth it.

Can I play music CDs and video DVDs on the GameCube?

No. The GameCube utilizes a proprietary mini-DVD software format. For technological and economic reasons Nintendo chose not to enable DVD or CD playback in units. Matsushita (Panisonic) in a partnership with Nintendo is however creating a DVD-enabled GameCube system.

How does the Game Boy Advance interact with the GameCube?

Game Boy Advances can be connected to a GameCube through the controller ports on the system. The connection may enable GBA play on a television sets for Game Boy Advance users tired of the unitís dim screen. Further, the connection may unlock secret characters or allow for the download of mini-games streamed from GameCube titles. The technological possibilities from the connection are endless and serve to further set the GameCube apart from the competition. The Game Boy Advance screen may be used as a reference map, compass, hint provider, or other. The system itself may be used as a GameCube controller for titles with only basic digital control requirements.

Can I play international games on my system?

It is still unknown what kind of territory lockout Nintendo will implement on the GameCube. Territory lockouts help to prevent piracy and deter resellers from moving systems designated for one country to others.

What does the system look like?

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