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Official Nintendo WaveBird Controller

Manufacturer: Nintendo List Price: $34.99
Features: 20' Distance; 100 Battery Hours; 16 RF Channels

Play just about anywhere in the room without interference. The WaveBird wireless controller works on radio frequency, so you won't have to worry about being directly in line with an infrared port. Gamers can play up to 20 feet away from their Nintendo GameCube, and the WaveBird's signal even works through walls.


 EB Games

Official Nintendo GameCube Controller

Manufacturer: Nintendo List Price: $24.95
Features: Analog Pad & Triggers; 5 Digital Buttons; D-Pad; Force Feedback
Not only does this controller look cool; it's the pinnacle of functionality, too. To take advantage of the GameCube's many multiplayer games, you'll need to pick up a few of these since the system only comes with one. Featuring analog as well as digital control pads, plus four action buttons on the face, the innovative camera stick, a z-trigger, and two fully analog shoulder buttons with digital clicks, this ergonomically designed controller has everything you'd expect.


 EB Games


 EB Games


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